How to Identify Identical Twins

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When a woman gets pregnant, it is the happiest phase of her life, and when she gets to know that she will be soon becoming a mother of twin children, her happiness reaches it’s peak. However, with happiness, comes the worry, to identify identical twin. The parents should decide the methods, through which they can differentiate between their kids. To identify the identical twins, is a big deal.


Here, I will tell you few tips, you can use to identify your little angelic twins.  When the twins are infants, even that time, it is difficult to identify them. From the beginning, you should be prepared to handle the identical twins.

1) Hospital bands:

In hospitals, right after the birth, the nurses make the infants wear hospital bands, with numbers or other related things like codes. Let the twins carry those bands so that you get the time to identify their habits and behaviour properly, without getting confused.

2) Nail paint:

Choose one child, and paint his/her toenail with nail paint. Choose a colour of your choice, to apply it on the toenail of one of your child. Moreover, take care that the colour do not peel out, otherwise it will become difficult for you, to identify again. Be cautious, while applying the nail paint.

3) Body marks:

Identical twins look similar, but body marks help the parents to differentiate between their kids. However, such marks are not easily identifiable. Look for a mole, birth scars, or freckle, on their bodies, to identify them with that special mark. With growing age, the marks also develop, and there is a slight difference in the complexion too.

4) Clothes:

Make them carry different colours and patterns of clothes. If you make them wear similar clothes, mark something on their clothes, so that you and others can identify them. For example, mark baby A, baby B, or imprint their names on the back of their dresses.

5) Nametags:

Gradually, parents can recognize their kids without any identifications, but what about the teachers and peers in school?  When it is the time for them, to go to the school, the parents should make them carry bracelets with their names engraved on it, or should stick nametags on their backpacks. Alternatively, you can also pin an easily visible nametag on their school uniform

6) Traits:

With the growing age, it becomes easy to recognize identical twins because now, their personality starts to vary. One can get mature, whereas, the other might be immature. The voices change; the behaviour changes a lot; their dressing sense, hair styles, and way of living, get change. Such noticeable differences can help parents, and everybody around, to identify them.

If still parents or other people face problem to identify them, then the better way is to ask them politely: Are you Rahul or Raj?