How to Handle Your Man’s Flirtatious Eyes

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Like all other women, I also share the same story, but I will try to keep it short and straight to the point. Checking out other chicks is absolutely normal. In fact, I would say it is healthy and alive. I know the fact that men think about sex in every 18 seconds. I wonder how Einstein and Edison discovered some of the greatest inventions. Perhaps, the bulb was invented to shed some light on a female’s curvaceous body.  Let’s throw some more light on this issue now, by narrating you the story of my friend.

Neeta (name changed), one of my old friends, came to me with a newly discovered problem, after coming back from her honeymoon. I was surprised to know, that she had started having post-marital issues, so soon. Here is her story, in her own words –

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“After our marriage, we decided to go to Goa for our honey moon. The night was pretty romantic and sizzling. The next morning we decided to go for sightseeing. When we came across the beaches, my husband couldn’t stop wandering at the bikini babes. I had no problem with it. But, when I found my hubby repeatedly doing the same at clubs, restaurants and on streets, I found it very embarrassing. My honeymoon turned into disaster. When I returned back to the resort, I felt restless, and thought to do something about it. After all I had no choice of replacement (this time).”

So, here is my tonic for all those women who are upset with their husband’s ogling eyes.

Is He Really Lustful?


There is a very thin line between, staring and being lustful. And, the same applies to jealousy and disapproval. A girl dressed up in micro mini, deserves attention from men. Don’t you think so?  Let’s admit the fact that a male can’t take his eyes off a hot body. But, if your man can’t stop staring at other females, even after constant reminding, accept it or move on! Perhaps, he is fond of erotic body changes amidst of the streets.

It’s Your Call


Now, your mind requires being restraint and poise. You may want to gouge his eyeballs out, but keep hold of that thought. Tell him that you don’t like being embarrassed all the time in public, in a gentle way. Stop being silly and childish. Don’t scream at him in public. Don’t utter emotional lines, like “I know I am not the girl, you wished to marry”, or, “I know I am not hot like other women”, and so on! Never try the “silence act” of shutting your mouth for weeks. Just keep it straight and simple.

Say him its embarrassing for you


Explain him that constant wandering and drooling at opposite sex embarrasses you in public. Ask him, “What if I do the same”? “How would you feel”? If he loves you he will surely understand the pain and will make an effort to control his shifty eyes to an extent.

Don’t Take his Corny Excuses


If your man turns up with well worn excuses, that he was checking out other women because he loved the diamond pendant which she was wearing, and he was planning to buy one for you, don’t trust him. Laugh at his excuse and claim for a better excuse next time.

Grant Him the Taste of his Own Tonic


If he continues to stare other women in front of you, it’s perhaps the time to give away a taste of his own tonic. Next time, you go out for a dinner, dress hot and be ready for the staring game. Look at other men, smile at them, giggle out a little, do things that would attract a male next to your table.

While you are playing the game, make it sure to have him see you. But, be careful, not to cross your limits. This little eye-candy game, will sure give him jealousy pranks that you wanted. The whole process will also make him to put himself in your shoes and understand your woes, when he was doing the same with someone else. Next time, you will see a new and improved man besides you, we bet.