How to Handle the Chicken Safely

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You cook many dishes out of chicken. But you do not pay heed to small things which you should consider to make your chicken dish healthy. Here I bring to you some tips of handling the chicken.

Before Cooking the Chicken

  • Never leave raw chicken at room temperature. Refrigerate it immediately.
  • Store the packaged fresh kitchen in its original wrappings in the coldest part of your fridge.
  • If frozen chicken is properly packaged, it maintains top quality for about 1 year in a home freezer.
  • If the uncooked chicken is not to be used for next two days then freeze it.
  • Do not thaw chicken in the countertop but in the refrigerator or in cold water. It takes near about one complete day (24 hours) to thaw chicken (of 4 pound) in the refrigerator. Cut it into parts to thaw it in 3 to 9 hours.
  • Use the microwave to thaw the cooked or raw chicken quickly.
  • You may thaw the chicken in cold water. To thaw in cold water, place the chicken in a plastic bag (water tight) or in its original wrap dipped in water. Change the water frequently. The whole chicken will thaw within 2 hours.
  • Always wash countertops, your hands, knives, cutting boards and utensils used in preparing the chicken recipe with soap water. Don’t let them come in contact with other cooked or raw food if they are unwashed.

At the time of Cooking Chicken

  • Remove the stuffing of chicken (if it is stuffed) in a separate bowl before you refrigerate it.
  • Do not over-crowd/ over- pack chicken pieces while cooking it. Leave enough space for even and good cooking.
  • If barbecuing or grilling the chicken outdoors, keep it refrigerated until you’re ready to cook it. Use different plate to place the cooked chicken. Don’t put it in the one you transported uncooked chicken to barbecue.
  • Cook the chicken well with the internal temperature of 165 degree Fahrenheit.
  • To check whether the chicken is cooked, pierce the fork in chicken. When fork or knife is inserted with ease, juices should run.
  • Use sharp knives to cut the chicken. It not only makes the cutting job easier but also leads to neatly cut meat pieces.

After You Cook Chicken

  • Don’t refrigerate cooked, cut-up chicken for more than two days in the refrigerator. Completely cooked chicken can be refrigerated for 3 days.
  • If reheating the leftover chicken, cover it and then heat. It retains the moisture of chicken. Make sure while heating that it gets heat up all the way through. Also, bring the gravies of chicken to boil before you serve it.
  • If you are carrying cooked chicken outdoors, put it in an ice chest or insulated container until ready to serve/eat. Keep it above 140 degree or below 40 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Use the suggested tips to ensure the healthy chicken eating.