How to Give Your Baby a Complete Body Massage in 10 Steps

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Massage is warm and lovely way to convey your love and care to your baby. It comforts and helps the baby to sleep. Not just baby, you too will find it relaxing.  The gentle, rhythmic and soothing strokes of massage stimulate the production of ‘feel-good’ hormone in your baby, in you, and also in your partner if he is watching.  Massaging does great to babies on a quiet few level like- improves the immune system, relaxes the baby and strengthen the growing bond between you and your baby.

1. The legs


Begin the massage of baby from his/her legs, because in compare to other body parts, legs are less sensitive. Put oil in your both hands, wrap them around one of its thighs and pull down your hand one after the other along with squeezing the baby’s leg gently. Switch from one leg to another, and repeat the massage.

2. The feet


Take one foot in hand and rotate it gently in each direction for 4-5 times. Then, stroke down from the ankle to toes. Switch feet, and do the same.

3. The soles


Trace circles in the soles of feet, using your thumbs.

4. The toes


Take each toe of baby between your forefingers and thumb, and pull down your finger gently off the toes. Repeat it for toes of both legs.

5. The arms


Take one arm of baby in your hands. Then, do the milking motion from the baby’s armpit to its wrist. After this, gently rotate her/his wrist of one hand in each direction for 4 to 5 times. Switch hand and repeat.

6. The hands


Use your thumbs and trace circles all over the palms of both hands.

7. The fingers


Take fingers of both hands one by one between your forefingers and thumb, and pull down gently to let them slip off your grasp.

8. The Face and Head


Hold the back of baby’s head in your hands. Then, stroke its scalp softly and gently with your fingertips. After it, stroke her/his eyebrows, closed eyes and from the nose- bridge across its cheeks.  Then, rub baby’s earlobes and rub down the jaws in small circles very gently.

9. The chest


Join your hands in a prayer position over the baby’s heart. Now, open out your closed hands slowly, stroke them outward and flatten the palms lightly over the baby’s chest. Repeat the process several times.

Next, place your one hand in flat position across the top of baby’s chest. Now, gently stoke it down to baby’s thighs. With alternate hands repeat the motion several times.

10. The back


For the back massage, roll the baby onto its belly. Use your fingers and trace circles from the neck down to baby’s buttock on either side of its spine.

To finish the massage, give firm, long strokes to baby from its shoulders to feet.

After finishing the massage, put on baby’s nappy and cuddle or feed him. Baby will probably nod off to sleep!
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