How to Get a French Manicure At Home!

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The French Manicure is one of the classiest ways to dress your nails. It looks elegant, chic and does not involve the drama that vibrant hues necessitate. We get to you the easiest way of trying out this stylish technique at home.

  1. Scrub your hands clean. Remove all the grime and dirt and pluck the dead dry skin around the tip of your nails using a tweezer.


2.  Now cut them to a perfect length. They shouldn’t be too long or too short. Use nail filer if required. Put the dead skin, dirt and cuticles out with a cuticle remover.

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3.  Paint the entire nail with the base colour (usually transparent). Let it dry.


4.  The tricky part sets in motion now. Carefully paint the tips of your nails white, such that the white portion does not appear uneven and does not touch the lower part of your nail. To do it more professionally we suggest you to cover the major lower half of the nails with a transparent tape, and then color the upper left out part (nail-tips) with white nail paint. Remove the tape carefully, once the nail paint dries. You will get very neat, finished and even lines this way.


5.  Dry the paint. Now apply one thin coat of the transparent nail colour on the entire nail. This gives it a smooth shiny finish.


6.  You are all set to flaunt your pretty nails. Get rolling!

Close up of female hands with flower.