How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone?

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How will you react, if some day you find that your iPhone has dipped in water? I’m sure; it will take your breath away! Those, who are having iPhone insurance, will return back to their state of mind, after a few minutes of trauma. But, those, who are not having any insurance (to get your iPhone repaired) and money to purchase a new iPhone, can try the following steps to revive their iPhone. However, there is no guarantee, but you can make an attempt to save your iPhone. It might prove magical for your phone.


Steps to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

Step 1-

Don’t turn your iPhone ON, on finding that it has been damaged by water.

Step 2-

Take out the SIM card and its holder (which is located at the top of your iPhone). Keep it in a dry and safe place.

Step 3-

Instantly wipe the external water from the iPhone, using a dry cloth.

Step 4-

Dry your iPhone with the help of a blow dryer, shaking your phone to and fro.

Step 5-

Carefully observe for any water drop that oozes out (possibly near the speakers at the bottom of the iPhone). Repeat this process for at least 25-30 minutes. This process is termed as ‘DRYING PROCESS’.

Step 6-

After completely drying it and finishing the above step, place your iPhone in a zip-locked bag of rice, for at least 12 hours. This step is termed as ‘RICE STORAGE’.

Step 7-

Repeat the DRYING PROCESS, in every 12 hours. After finishing drying, continue to RICE STORAGE, if you observe any water drop oozing out from the iPhone, during the process.

Step 8-

Insert the SIM card back into the iPhone, if no water drops seep after 20 minutes of completing the DRYING PROCESS. Plug your phone into a charger. Plug it without turning ‘ON’ the power button.

Step 9-

Disconnect your iPhone, after a few hours of plugging. Turn it ‘ON’. Don’t worry, if the screen appears dim. Your iPhone will behave unusual, eventually. Remember, you have just revived it, so wait for some time. The bright screen may flash periodically.