How to Feel ‘Gorgeous’ Everyday

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I’ve come to a realization that beauty is one such complicated subject about which different people hold different views. Is beauty only about make-up, fashion and style? I don’t think so. I have a different idea about beauty. My idea on beauty is completely different. For me, the real beauty is one that comes from within.

Do we wake up every morning feeling beautiful? Certainly not! Contrarily, there is a feeling of being clumsy, unattractive and ugly some times.  However, there are few tips that could help you feel radiant, alive and beautiful. Here, they are-

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1. Make Morning Magical


Wake up early and give yourself some luxurious pampering. It could be like taking a hot bath with perfumed oils, doing hair differently, painting nails, put on your favourite clothes and jewellery, getting yourself perfumed with your much loved perfume, and playing your favourite song while having breakfast. In short do something pleasant that could turn your entire day enjoyable and gratifying.

2. Carrying Something Gleaming And Shimmering


How will this help? It does make one feel beautiful and radiant. Carry sparkly nail polish, a lip gloss, shimmering jewellery, glitter pens and pretty notebooks, and then see how it contributes. When you enfold yourself with things you love….’feel good’ automatically comes. Give it a try.

3. Practise Self-Love By Writing Love Note To Yourself


Why to wait for somebody else to come and make you feel special? Write ‘LOVE’ notes to yourself and make yourself feel great. Nobody knows you better than anyone else. Begin the letter with an endearing salutation like, “My darling companion”. Recognise your worth and value yourself. Compliment yourself on something you’re good at.

4. Smile


A smile is one beauty secret that goes easy on the pocket. If you want to brighten up your day, then you’re just a smile away. Vibrant and glowing smile exhibits one’s true beauty and something that everyone is bound to notice. Hence, smile, smile, smile….Just smile even if there’s no reason to smile. This will make you feel and look beautiful right away.

5. Eat Healthy And Well-Balanced Diet

If possible, get the complete RAINBOW on your plate. I mean, have something green, something red, something purple, something orange and something yellow in your meal. Believe me, colourful food is just awesome. When you eat healthy, you feel closer to yourself and the people around you. A nutritious diet is energising and strength -giving.

6. Workout


Go for a morning walk or exercise regularly for about 20-25 minutes daily in the morning, and then see the result. This will not only keep you pound off, but will bring the natural glow on your face, and the radiance will be out of the world. You will fall in love with yourself. Your shiny face will attract compliments from people…worth trying! 😉

7. Share Your Beautiful Soul


God has given us much to give others. You must have heard, ‘Smile is Charity’. Yes, your cute smile can bring happiness to many. Share your wisdom, share the bond and help others…just let love flow out of you. It will bring awesome feeling to you.

8. Accept Yourself


You are unique in your own way. There is nobody like you in the Universe. You look similar the way you are. No need to change ANYTHING about yourself – no matter how you look, what you feel about your own, like who you want to be… what you are. You’re not some accident, coincidence or failure. Remember, you are born with a purpose. Accept, trust and respect your existence.

9.Think Good To Feel Beautiful


It is our thoughts that breed emotions. So, I guess you would have gotten the hint what it takes to feel beautiful. So, stop criticising and pushing yourself down! Think positive and heartening about yourself, like ‘I’m very thin, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, stylish and elegant’.  Don’t treat yourself worse than others. Jot down supporting thoughts on a piece of paper and read it often to give way to positive thoughts in you. You will feel the change in how you take yourself. Always chant the one mantra, “I am the “BEST”.

10. Keep Yourself Surrounded By The Good Stuff


Look for the love, beauty and eye- appealing bits and pieces. They help in lifting the spirit. There is no place on this planet that lacks something interesting, beautiful or unique. What you need is ‘sight’ to arrest the exquisiteness.