How To Doll Up Your Living Space!

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The living room is one of the most important parts of your house. As you tend to spend a lot of time in there, welcoming guests or chilling by yourself, it is imperative that the space be positive, energetic and alive. Here are a few ideas to liven up your place, such that it narrates a beautiful story to each of its visitor.

Clean the room


The first and most important step in re-doing your living room is to clean it and rid it of all the dirt and dust that must have accumulated in the area. Begin from the ceiling, end at the floor and take everything in between.

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Hang a collection


Hang a beautiful collection of mirrors, silver trays, paintings on a wall. This will look very eye catching.

Use flowers


Nothing perks up your room like a bunch of fresh flowers. Set them in a striking vase and a great amount of work is done.

Create sets


For example, pick a nice table and place a few of your favorite books on it. This is an instant energizer and also shows your room in good taste.

Pick a print


Embrace a bold print, like an animal print to add drama to an otherwise low key setting.

Place like items together


Group the similar objects at one place. Set a theme, such as place the crockery together, showpieces, bone china etc are to be set in groups too.

Pattern the floor


If your room is simple, plain and uncomplicated but needs slight improvisation, pick a rug that is visually interesting and will effortlessly say enough for your room.



If there is no division between your dining and living space, pull down a ceiling mounted shade or curtain to divide it functionally.

Work together pieces


Make use of a rug to invite attention to something you’d like to show off. Just like, it’s used for the gorgeous sofa here.

Color the walls


Use colors to make your room warmer and livelier. They are capable of perking up your room to a great extent.

Role play the furniture


Break conventions. Use a cart to decorate showpieces, pictures and place snacks. Re purpose the equipment.

Pop in some color


To a neutral room, it is vital that you add some color. Going all out on one color will make your room look dull and boring which is so not the idea.

Keep comfort a priority


Don’t forget comfort in your quest to redecorate the space. Comfy sofas are an absolute must.

Statement pieces


Make use of contemporary statement pieces. These will do enough to renovate the area.

Make sure there’s sufficient light in the room


A dark, no sunshine area is not a very welcoming idea. So make sure you get plenty of fresh air and light. Place the sitting near that big window to take full advantage of the positioning.