How to do Make up in Just 5 Minutes

1.      Smoothen out your skin tone

Time : 60 secs

Even out your skin tone with a liquid sheer foundation. Mix it in moisturizer if you have a dry skin or water if you have normal to oily skin. Apply the foundation evenly with the help of a non latex sponge. Don’t forget to cover the neck and earlobes.

2.      Conceal the blemishes

Time: 60 secs

Use your ring finger to pat concealer wherever required. (Dark circles, blemishes etc).The concealer can be skipped if your skin is blemish free.

3.      Highlight

Time : 20 secs

After you are done with the foundation and concealer, brighten up your face by sweeping highlighting powder with the help of a brush on your brow bone and outline it to the inner corner of your eye. Now brush some highlighting powder on your cheekbone for instant bright and clear look. Choose the highlighting powder according to your skin tone

  • Fair skin- frosty white
  • Fair to medium- pink champagne
  • Medium to dark- pale gold and copper

4.      Define your eyes

Time : 60 secs

Line your upper lid quickly with a pencil liner and don’t bother to be too accurate. Smudge the line with your finger a lil to give the casual touch. Black goes well with all shapes and sizes but you can try brown or blue for experimenting.

5.      Long long lashes

Time : 20 secs

Apply volumizing mascara on your upper lids only for quick fresh eyes. Accentuate your upper lashes with a few sweeps and don’t let the lumps form. You can use your fingers to gently upturn the lashes while the mascara hasn’t dried up.

6.      Flush your cheek

Time : 20 secs

Twirl some powder blush on your cheekbones and brush it towards your temples.

7.      Stain a pout

Time : 60 secs

Swipe a bright shade on your lips. As you are keeping your eyes plain you can astutely flaunt a bright lip shade. Though, you can put on a nude gloss for a non-flashy statement. These quick 7 steps will hardly take 5 minutes if you have your makeup handy at the time and you are ready to rule!