How to Discover the Art of Face Reading

Face Reading….Hmmmm Interesting!

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Wonder at times, how one can predict and acquaint someone’s persona with the art of face reading by just gazing at the face? Right! Wanna discover the clandestine?? Read on!

At the outset, we have a quick delineation of the term ‘face reading’ for you, which refer to a prehistoric psychological method of depicting an individual’s personality or health by his or her facial elements. All of us have plenteous faces accumulated in our memories along with our familiarity with every person’s character. You might have also gone through the occurrence of forgetting someone’s name, just after meeting sometime before. But, have you ever noticed, that you quickly memorize the face and try to recall everything in relation to that person? This capability of ours to correlate characters with faces is considered as one of our primary survival skills.

As the face is the most uncovered and the most expressive part of our body, this elucidates as to why we do this with face! The face comprises five distinctive features which include the shape, eyes, eyebrows, nose and the mouth. The two of out these i.e. the eyes and mouth are extremely movable also gives, vast exciting information about the individual’s within. Additionally, the cheeks too change colour as per the instantaneous emotions in a shallow skinned being.

Were you ever aware, that our face is considered as a corporeal and poignant map of whom we are and where we will go? Can you believe that many experienced practitioners detect the illnesses of humans just by a vigilant observation of the face? The science of face reading also believes that always being in contact with true nature, as it conveys reconciliation, hope and purpose to our lives. We all often chase for attributes like honesty, acumen and reliability into ourselves and others both. If we all agree with the fact, in that case, the revelation of face reading will surely recommend you some valuable facts in relation to human beings.

If you are enthusiastic to grasp, geared up to ameliorate your potentialities to sense and comprehend nonverbal communication, or maybe your job is quite interactive one, where advanced communications churn out better consequences? Trust me then! The art of face reading plays an imperative role for such professions and dealings.

Did you know, you may too attain the enthralling adroitness of various extraordinary persons, who utilize the information of the face to make critical decisions that transforms life?

Do you believe that?  

Then yes, you are right here, as anecdotal testimony and thorough investigation states that every person can develop the dexterity to distinguish and recognize nonverbal facial expressions which are substantial for observing others.

For those, who are entrepreneurs or willing to start one, here is the good news; as the art of face reading is quite valuable and is relatively practical for them as well, and benefits in sales and equally relevant in business. By now, hopefully! You must also be snooping to know the essentials behind the art of face reading. Well, that’s no more knotty, as it can be learned readily via books or with online facility.

Don’t believe that?

Well then, our information given below will assist you in decoding the face messages regarding your professional life, your idyllic love counterpart and your astonishing endowments which life has bestowed upon you.

Different parts of your face indicate dissimilar aspects of your individuality. For e.g. your ears illustrate about your way of interaction with others, your intensity, risk taking and endurance whereas, your forehead explains your perceptions and the parental authority. Similar to these, the other parts too discloses the other dissimilar traits:

Your forehead is a most momentous part of your face, as it displays the signals of your destiny covering from the age of fifteen to thirty. Every width and form of your forehead also suggests about your future prospects. The features of your forehead may also act like a sign of your character traits. Your forehead may be of any of the shapes such as:

Reading the Forehead

  • Rectangular form forehead:  You may consider this kind of forehead being the best in term of achieving good fortune. You may identify this sort of forehead with its breadth crossways the head and the hairline raised in a rectangular bend. Individuals with this kind of forehead are believed to acquire extravagant providence in their education and intellectual. They always get assistance from their elders, like parents and others in their upcoming challenges. They do possess exceptionally sound practical impulse and gain extraordinarily trustworthy and dependable subordinates. For females, this forehead is enviable at all times, as it displays their excellent home-making skills. A rectangular but short forehead points out a complicated start in living, nevertheless with sincere attempts achievement is probable. In all probabilities, the rectangular shaped forehead advocates a person with a premium quality of common sense and admirable moral fiber, though victory comes afterwards in life.


  • Tapered form forehead:  If you have ever noticed this sort of foreheads which is more like stairs with low corners aside and are broadened on the face and conical at the top of the head, it’s quite obnoxious to say that they would not attain much in terms of destiny. However, the tapering also shows an unusual adventurous side of a person. Such personalities will always be eager to take risks and explore changes, although sometimes they can be imprudent. A low narrowed forehead refer to impulsiveness and wholly deficient in bright opinions. They may be often seen to stumble upon wealth or subsist in circumstances where money keeps more value than book learning’s.
  • Round Shaped Forehead:  For a gracious temperament, you may hunt for persons having high rounded foreheads mainly with no moles, blemishes or dimples as it specifies serene and sociable outlook. You will see that these humans are hardly ever interested in accomplishing eminence. They are also measured as not very striving as they survive with whatsoever they have. A rounded and more or less high forehead implies a timorous person who is excruciating of being audacious. These people are not prepared to allow any alterations in their lives and also will not put any struggle to correct their conditions. You will also come across persons having this kind of forehead to have very quick velocity. Once they come to a judgment, they will hustle it all the way through.
  • Straight Forehead: High, flat and straight foreheads are monitored from the side, and extending down the hairline to the brow bones signifies strong disposition and striking intellectual supremacy. Although, there is a propensity to be doctrinaire and even obdurate, too. This may be noticed from adolescent such persons always keep very fixed visions on various concerns. You may also perceive their other traits for e.g. they scorn adjustments except instigated by them. Flat and straight but low foreheads, proposes that you have to beaver away during your younger lifetime and nothing comes effortless.
  • Arched shaped forehead: Rounded, curved and full from the side foreheads denotes a strong human being who can find his/her feet into any circumstances as their one of the greatest vigour. Females having this form of forehead are more amiable to hit upon success in their performing area. They are regarded as fanatical and romantic, so they are in addition given an opinion to take heed of strangers bearing presents or sycophancy.
  • Slanting forehead: Points out a twitchy and reckless person who gets support from restraints and the existence of a strong helping hand. For females, foreheads deficient in moisture or dry is considered as an awful indication. They are advised to better use strike in their hairs or put on things similar like a tassel.
  • Spherical forehead: Attached with the hairline proposes about individuals with extreme enthusiasm and coerce. You may observe in some persons, this encounters agitation and being untouched with truth, while in several, this is speculated as a great source of success and immense conquests. Females with this sort of forehead must feel themselves fortunate.

Seeing that face reading can be principled, life elevating, optimistic and practical, you must also discern that your eyes too reveal the secrecies about your openness towards life, your experiences and astuteness.

Your eyes together with the mouth are the features that move on the face; hence these elements attract interest of the viewer, besides provide hints about their character with its movements.

If you look in someone’s eyes, you will scrutinize that it encloses greater meanings as the emotions are more attached with the eyes. Here, we provide you what eyes talk about your persona.

Your Eyes Reveal a Lot

  • Large/Big Eyes: Those who have larger eyes are believed to be more open and convenient to get along well with others. These people feel quite secure in divulging many facets of their attributes and take pleasure in any sort of open conversation on all stances of life. You may also feel that these kinds of persons are relatively moderate, generous and attainable besides being artistic and inventive. Some of you may also discover them as trustworthy and will frequently feel pleasant while sharing your hitches with such people. People with larger eyes are also thought about best in absorbing information when they look into your eyes.
  • Smaller Eyes:notifies the person’s eminence as specific, truthful and comfortable with details. Things that appear organized, uncluttered and with some formation, delights them a lot. After meeting some of these persons, you may also experience that when they see into your eyes, they can perceive within you. Such individuals are characterized as insightful and are able to easily arbitrate a character.Some of their more characteristics are that these people have the power to concentrate well on one subject, they are fond of studying a subject and into thorough investigation and also they easily get bored if they feel something is too counterfeit or trifling.
  • Straight Bottom Cover-Up: If you meet individuals with this kind of eyes, please be careful! As these people are believed as distrustful and suspicious. If you want to make a good companionship with them, first of all you need to achieve their faith. If you will be successfully able to establish your trust on them, they will become your faithful followers.
  • Angle up Eyes: You may find such people with optimistic opinions. Such persons at all times are hopeful of everything to occur well.


  • Angle down Eyes: This sort of eyes indicates seriousness and people have a propensity to look for sticky situations. They are not much wholehearted and avoid doing cheerful things and also believe that life is harsh.
  • Rounded Eyes: If sometime you might have undergone the complicated experience of trying to prove your point to someone, then try to memorize their eye shape as well. For the reason that these people do not stop chatting. Watch out before disrupting them as it might hurt their feelings too.
  • Sunken Eyes: Individuals with sunken eyes, acts as if they coincide with you, but in reality, they obtain some time to analyze all about you. Try to give some more time and sufficient information to them so they can compose their minds.

If you wanted to explore about eyebrows, initially you have to treat them as a segregated part of your facial feature as per the face reading experts. You have to read both the features individually with the aim of obtaining an excellent insight of a person. An eyebrow indicates about the person’s thought process.

An Eyebrow Expresses Emotions

  • Eyebrows in a straight line: 

If you will meet such people, they get a lot of ideas. They have the quality to converse new ideas based on reality.

  • Joined Eyebrows: 

Such individuals are commanding thinkers as their minds keeps on working all the time. If you allow them to tell you a number of their suggestions, trust me! It will please them a lot.

  • Thin/Lean Eyebrows: 

If you meet up such persons, get ready to give encouragement and assurances. Being judged makes them conscious, as they don’t want to be admonished. Giving an earnest compliment may help you cover your way. Also keep in mind that these persons often feel uneasiness.

  • Tangled/Snarled Eyebrows: 

People with snarled eyebrows may smoothly check out of what you are inside with their devil’s eye. Never twaddle in front of them especially when they incite you, just give facts and explicate your side of true story. These persons like to wobble you quite often just to ensure the accuracy of information.

  • Curved/Rounded Eyebrows: 

You will enjoy interacting with such people as they are considered as good listeners and are people oriented. You may also like to make them understand your personal stories. At times, you need to give an idea about how it is implemented in the actual world as well.

  • Arched/Pointed Eyebrows: 

If you are longing to maintain a healthy connection with such persons then always make them feel that their standpoints are imperative. To please them, quite often ask for their perspectives too and how you may lend a hand to them.

Your nose is spotted on at the centre of the face and it’s hard to overlook. You will be excited to know that your nose be a sign of your money condition and your approach towards work, your self-esteem, coerce and power.

Your Nose Portrays Your Personality

  • Straight Nose: If you ever try to be illogical and claptrap in the presence of such individuals, then you will not be in a very gratifying position, as these people hate irrational talks. While interacting with them, just stick to the actuality and also avoid emotional appeals and be prepared with immediate and smart answers when they ask over something.
  • Bump on Bridge of Nose: You might have noticed in some person’s nose, you find a bump in the middle of the upper bone. Make sure not to make such individuals feel anxious. You got along well as they are comfortable in communication however, if they become aggressive, then they convince you to consider their ideas only. They are also believed as good diplomats.
  • Concave/Curved in (ski jump) Shaped Nose: They acknowledge your emotion. If you are willing to convince them somehow to accept your opinion or purchase a product; make sure to explain them what they may experience or how excellent it can make someone other feel.
  • Arched/Hooked Nose: Appreciating beauty and innovative with new approaches are some of the traits of such humans. Take interest in listening their ideas and artistic solutions. You may also put across your suggestions as they enjoy and value it too.

We all get maximum amount of vocal information from our mouths as it is alleged as a source of human information. To explore the details read below:

Mouth is Informative

  • Huge gap in front teeth:

You can’t predict such humans as all the time; they are all set to face the challenges.

  • Crooked/Uneven bottom teeth:

You will often find them bemused, even if after seeing both the sides of disputes, they may get difficulty while giving up a final verdict.

  • Downturned mouth:

These are quite cautious individuals, especially when others suggest them something. While selling them something, try to be straightforward and give them alternatives. At the same time, also make stability when you point out few flaws that will aid you in getting their confidence.

  • Bigger/Plump upper lip:

Be genuine, while conversing to them as they hook up less to what you speak and much to what you are in real.

Now if after reading this article, if you desire to become a face reading expert, then give it a second thought? As out this attempt was just a small preparatory course on face reading. To turn out to be a genuine and meticulous expert, who can make distinctions amid thousands of facial aspects, our suggestion to you is to study a book. As the domain of face reading is quite vast and interprets a lot about human expressions and personalities. Our attempt was to consolidate all the major essential facts on this topic for our readers. Hope the article will assist you to make the most of the given information in any form you would like in your prospects.