How to Determine your Skin Tone

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Knowing your skin tone is more important than most people think it is, and trust me it’s no rocket science. It’s not all to do with just makeup. If you find your skin tone, you will not only know your foundation shade, but also the colors that’d suit you better. So, here’s how you to determine your skin tone. Ever noticed how sometimes you buy a foundation that looks like your skin color, but when you use it, it’s more orange, or pink, or ashen; and stands out on your skin. It’s probably because you couldn’t find the correct undertone. There are three types of undertones, i.e., warm, neutral and cool undertones. It’s basically the color that reflects from your skin, but sometimes that’s not accurate due to rashes, exposure to the sun or acne. There are many ways to determine your skin tone, out of which we’ve got you the simplest.

What Color Your Skin Reflects?

determine-your-skin-tone-1 The basic thing is cool undertones have a lot of pink in their skin, while the warm ones are a bit yellow or golden. If you are none of the two, you’re probably neutral and you just don’t need to worry, coz almost every color looks good on neutral tones and also you can easily find your shade foundation.

What Suits You Better?


Do you look better in whites or blacks? Now, that’s an easy one. If you look better in whites, you are a cool undertone; and if blacks suit you better, you are a warm one. Remember, we are talking what suits you here, not favorites!

What Color are Your Veins?


Check out your veins in natural day light. If they are more of blue, you are a cool undertone; and if they are more on the greener side, you are a warm undertone. If you have mixed, you are a neutral tone.

Silver or Gold?


Now you can test this with a piece of jewelry or fabric. Hold the silver and gold near your face in front of a mirror and decide which looks better on you. If the silver lights up your face, you are a cool undertone; and if the golden brightens you, you are a warm one. Both? Neutral! Lucky you! Now, as you find out your undertone, it’ll be a lot easier to choose your foundation, as most companies segregate their shades on the basis of undertones only. So, if you are warm undertone, pick a yellow or peach based shade.Cool undertones must go for pink based or neutral shade.

So, you can be sure of not turning up with stupid makeup, like yellow skin peeking through the pink foundation, or vice versa. Enjoy the more natural-looking makeup with Feminiya!