How to Create the Illusion of Thicker Lashes without Using the Mascara

Wouldn’t it be great to find something easy and effective for everyday eye makeup? I mean how many of us actually do a smoky eye every day! It’s just not practical. What you need every day is a subtle, quick trick, and we’ll help you save money on the mascara as well.

Some people call it “invisible eye liner” but the term is tight line. It’s very simple, instead of lining over the lashes that you have to aim for the middle line.

Here’s how:



With clean fingers, lift your lashes upward so that the lash line gets visible. Now, you will notice small gaps between the roots of your lash hair. That’s the space that you will be filling with your eye liner. Keep in mind that you only have to line the area closest to your lashes, not all the way coz if liquid eyeliner gets into your eyes, it might sting a lot. Also, use a good quality eye liner. You should be extra careful with eye products that you use.



Now use your eyeliner to fill in the gaps neatly. Just dab the liner between individual lashes from under. It is better if you use an eye liner pen, otherwise you can use lash lining tool. If you go by me, I can very well do it with my kajal also. It’s not at all complicated. Once you try, you’ll be expert in no time.



It’s up to you, whether you want to tight the line whole of it, or just half. If you wanna make it more intense, follow eyeliner or maybe a single coat of mascara too. But I won’t suggest that for every day, coz wearing makeup everyday isn’t really good for your eyes, in the long run. The tight line, kind of, adds depth to your eyes, and who wouldn’t want the deep, beautiful eyes.