How to Create a DIY Sandbag for Your Home Gym?

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The sandbag is a must have equipment for your home gym arsenal. While, there are many sandbags available online and you can even buy one from your local store, we are sorry to inform you that they are quite expensive and the shipping prices is also a reason of worry. What can one do in such a situation? Well, make one on your own! Yes, seriously, making a sandbag for personal use is a great idea that will help you save a lot of money; will not cost you as much as a readymade one will, and will definitely be a great tool for your daily workout.



Weight training becomes more intense with a good sandbag. And, creating one for you is not a tough task at all. You just need to put a few things together and voila! here you have made your very own sandbag.


Things You will Need

  • A duffel bag- Most of you already own a duffel bag and in case, you don’t, just purchase one from a thrift store. You don’t need to buy a very pricey bag; just a good sturdy bag will be enough.
  • A duct tape
  • Sturdy plastic weaved bags
  • Ziploc freezer bags (full size) – Buy branded ziploc bags; otherwise, you may risk busting them open.
  • The kind of weight you want- Rice or sand (look out for sales, as you will be buying it in bulk. You can also add or reduce the weight according to your need). We are using rice here.


Step 1


Depending on the weight and size of the duffel bag, pick a few Ziploc bags (about 6-8 in most of the cases). Now fill rice in them, evenly. If you think you won’t be able to take very heavy weights, begin with filling less quantity of rice and increase the amount, as you get comfortable. Some exercises might require additional weights, so, the extra rice can be added and removed as and when you want. Seal the bag after you have made sure that there is no air left in the bag. Wrap the bags using a duct tape; criss-cross the duct tape around each bag to ensure that it is super strong.

Step 2


Put the 6-8 ziploc bags that have now been covered with duct tape into the plastic weaved bag. Place them in such a way that they easily fit in the duffel bag. Wrap the plastic bag around your rice packets using the duct tape, just like you would wrap a present. If you think you need to duct tape again for a better grip and to avoid any chances of leakage, go ahead and do so.

Step 3


Now place this super tight and super well wrapped plastic bag containing rice packets into your newly bought duffel bag (or super old duffel bag, just remember the bag has to be strong and not torn). Zip up the bag and here, you have your totally cool gym equipment ready to be used for building those envious muscles.

Now tell us, weren’t you able to make it in no time and without even burning a hole in your pocket? Looks like with such extraordinary gym gear, we’ll be stretching our limits and working out for hours on end!