How to Click that Perfect Selfie: Tips to Help You Get that Million Dollar Picture!

What is the biggest revolution of the modern world? The Internet! And what is the biggest way through which it has affected us? Through social media! Now, think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger, Myspace, and everything else, and you’ll see millions of fellow men (and women) flooding your updates with pictures. Pictures that feature them in their living rooms, their dressing rooms, in front of their cars, and epic monuments and hell, even in their washrooms! All in the quest of that pretty picture … the picture that would showcase to the world how absolutely stunning they can be! Does it sound appetizing? We doubt very much. While a few people get their pictures right, a majority of them struggles to take that perfect self portrait. It’s either too in-your-face, too bright, too dark, or simply too unflattering.

So, if you have been in the spot many-a-times, obsessively clicking your own pictures in the hope that at least one will come out right, you are at the right place (and hopefully at the right time). We are here to raise the curtain on one of the most sought-after secrets of our time: how to click that perfect selfie! Read along and capture yourself in the finest of avatars:

1. It’s All About You


Don’t overestimate the camera. You gotta do some work on your own. Exuberate confidence, show a sense of empowerment, be comfortable in your own skin, and if possible, bring to fore that twinkle in your eye too.

2. How to Combat Against Poor Lighting?


When the light is low, face in the direction of the light! Remember to keep away from overhanging light, be it the sun or just a bulb. Do not click under the midday sun. The ideal time is either just before the sunset, or just after the sunrise. In case the sun is low, arrange for some back lighting; it produces great results. Window lighting (soft light emerging through windows) also looks beautiful.

3. How to Stand in Your Picture?


If you consider all the successful magazine covers, models pose with a ¾ angle of their bodies. The face is straight on, the chin is just slightly down, and the eyes stare straight into the camera lens.

4. What is the Best Angle or Distance for Holding the Camera?


When you hold the camera too high (just like you’d hold a trophy), the top looks too heavy and the head resembles a lollipop. So remember to hold the camera perpendicular to the floor, about 90 degrees distanced from your body.

Do not hold the camera at a low angle; otherwise, you will either shoot up your nose or that double chin.

5. How to Remain Comfortable and Confident While Facing the Camera?


When you look great, you feel great. Don’t click yourself on bad hair days, or days when you are feeling down. Instead, opt for days when you are feeling superb about yourself, like just after a good haircut, a feel-good visit to your salon, or after you’re wearing your favorite outfit.

6. The Eyes?


The key to clicking that powerful picture is to not just look at the lens, but to see through it. See what kind of makeup works best for you; make your eyes look big, fresh, and beautiful.

7. The Expression?

beautiful brunette woman

The smart trick to click a great selfie is to bring about a spirit of playfulness to it. The picture must be fun and not uptight.

A few celebs and their self portraits:

Miranda Kerr


Kim Kardashian


Sonam Kapoor


Priyanka Chopra


Anushka Sharma