How To Catch Your Mr. Richie Rich

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Niggling a lot even for your tiny wishes with your boyfriend, is surely heart aching at times. It’s not about money thing only, the agenda here is, a person who’s able enough to fulfill all your desires- big or small. However, the notion of ‘living happily ever after’, glutted in many females, can’t be deemed as wholly ‘uncoooool’. And if you’re in the hunt for someone who treats you nothing else but a princess, then for sure you’ve come to the right place!

Trek and Traipse

  • Since, it’s a search, so you need to travel! Sitting at home and having popcorns won’t bring your Mr. Right to you. Look out for spaces wherever it indicates a go-at to catch them.
  • The quest to meet up somebody extremely affluent will also make you trail to the places like gym, volunteer organizations, luxurious bars and resorts, spas, sports leagues, building or neighborhood associations, beaches, golf tournaments, etc.
  • Remember men are a big time Hedonist! And if rich, trust me, don’t want to leave any juncture.

Your Killer Looks with Killer Dresses

  • Your solemn face might not enchant your Mr. wealthy at a glance, but your dresses might do it for you.
  • These men always take a notice the way you dress yourself.
  • Of course, face does matter for them as well, but then why are parlors and salons available for???
  • To get your dream man, surely you need to work hard and harder on your looks.
  • You need to carry yourself smartly and with sophistication, if you desire to stand besides your rich guy.
  • And if you’re geared up to take their eye-balls out, a bikini dress on the beach (with waterproof make-up done…. Of course) would surely work.
  • Dressing according to events and places and not to entice, will surely display your prudence. Don’t get too ostentatious! As walking in the park wearing a cocktail dress, will make you a thing to laugh at.
  • And even then, still you’re in a mood to expose, then a daisy duke with a nicely tailored shirt or T-shirt with a classy flip flop would be perfect to clutch the eyes.

Play and Play Safe

  • Now the instance has arrived, you’re on for a date. Bliss! But don’t get too ecstatic, as the glee of your face may suddenly turn into a sudden mourning and you’ll be smoothly chucked out from the list.
  • To avoid such a situation, we’ll suggest you to be serene and go slow.
  • Don’t get overjoyed or misapprehend their concerns for you. Coming from a well-to-do family, it’s his etiquette and mannerism that are couching him to treat females with all respect. So, don’t take it otherwise.
  • Also bear in mind that he shouldn’t be merely a ‘rich man’ for you. You might’ve heard money alone can’t buy all the happiness in life. You’ll come to know this, when you’ll yearn for his love and pampering and he’ll send you to a doctor or a psychiatrist.
  • Don’t ever dig about his money affairs. Also praising his justified talent is fine, but flattering is cheap.
  • Gauge his interests and talk intellectually. Make-up, hairstyle and dressing perfectly can’t alone make him think about you, unless you have proved to be a ‘beauty with brains’.
  • Don’t be an easy hit. Be lil snooty and grill him to a bit to find out, is he too a perfect match for you or just an ATM card ?

We appreciate your fantasy of living a life with all the pleasures. However, we would recommend you to aim for a person who’s a great being with good money. The combination is tough, but not unfeasible.

With these nifty ideas, we hope you’ll explore a new world with new experiences. And if put in all the emotions and conceptions aptly you’ll certainly get your perfect “Mr. Richie Rich”.