How to Catch False Matrimonial Profiles

Before you go for a matrimonial site, to search out for someone who can be trusted for lifelong, you must know how to spot a matrimonial profile, which is false. Many people create their false profiles, in order to misrepresent or hide their actual identity. This misleads the members of the matrimonial site to many unsafe consequences.

So, if you want to know why these fake profiles are made, and how to avoid such fake users, read on the below pointers. Normally, there are three types of false matrimonial profiles that you’ll get online.


1. Information Seekers

The first one is created by average numbers of net-users, and also the most common one. This one is less harmful as the maker just wants to get quick-access, from using a free of charge trial membership facility so that they may know what exactly these sites contain. You may easily detect such profiles as they only have minimal information and incomplete one word answers. You may also gauge it quickly as many of these do not have photos. Though it’s easy to get notice of such fakes profiles, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be easily removable as they also have a huge number of active members, and especially females.

2. Afraid of revealing the identity

The second one, you’ll find quite hard to identify. It contains well written information, but all crap and entirely inflated. The members give information, keeping in mind the entire matrimonial prospect. However, you’ll find things appearing to you as perfect or over exaggerated. They give attractive description of a person, and use photos of a model or real good looking person, but not theirs. And, due to these things, such profiles make great responses and thus, it gets overlooked from the site’s scrutiny. The major reasons for this kind of profiles found out are merely fun. Also, many people are afraid of giving their real information on any social networking site because they do not want anyone to misuse. And finally, when they’ll be assured of the person they have been friends with, they will tell the truth.

3. Utterly fake: Come to generate money

The third and last fake profile is mostly made just to earn money. Though these matrimonial profiles are faked, yet they have real photos with overstated descriptions. You may find these attractive profiles created by escorts or those who are involved in pornographic sites. Initially, they show you some of the enticing pictures and make you get addicted. Once you’ll get used to it, they ask for more to pay if you want to see them. These profiles largely target male members. Under this type, every profile is not identified quickly, as fake. However, when people complain, they are removed immediately.

It’s not that easy for every matrimonial site to keep an eye on every fake creator and user. So, you need to give a keen eye check, whenever you go on to explore any matrimonial site. Do not join in any membership or community instantly, without thorough exploration of the person. Read on everything line by line, and analyse how much it is credible. Avoid all the porn or vulgar profiles as these have more chances to lead you into trouble.