How to Apply Lemon as a Skin Lightener

We all desire for a white and flawless skin, don’t we? Our skin is our jewel and we feel pride being an owner of flawless white skin. We, girls can go to any lengths to get our hands on a glowing skin because it is called “first impression”, when a guy meets us for the first time.

To get the light skin, you don’t have to buy those expensive creams and burn a hole in your pocket…..Find the skin-brightening natural ingredient right into your kitchen.  The natural ingredient I’m talking about is LEMON. Put the skin lightening properties of lemon to use and enjoy fairer looks.



Here are the easy and simple guidance for using lemon as a skin-whitener:


  1. Assemble all three- lemon, one tbsp of turmeric and cucumber. Peel off the lemon and blend it in a blender or food processor, along with turmeric and cucumber. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and cucumber softens the skin. For faster and better results, you can also add a scrub cleanser to the prepared mixture.
  2.  Now, spread the paste or mixture evenly in a circular motion on your face. Be careful; protect your sensitive eyes area.  Leave it on the face for about 45 minutes.
  3. Rinse your face thoroughly and wash off the mixture completely, using lukewarm water.
  4. For faster results, repeat the procedure twice a day.  You will begin to notice changes just in a week.
  5. Always complete the skin- lightening procedure, by applying moisturizer because lemon dries up the skin.
  6. Maintain your fairer skin looks by applying a high SPF sun-block every day. This is really essential because lemon makes skin photo-sensitive. This protects your skin from sun, hence from getting darkened. If you don’t, you may end up with discoloration or dark spots on your face. Hence, do apply sunscreen.  Sunscreen also aids in preventing a number of skin ailments, such as freckles, spots, skin cancer and tan lines.


You can apply straight lemon-juice (in a bit) on your skin but make sure that body- portion is not irritated or freshly shaved.

Run this course of home remedy of lighter skin for 1-2 months for excellent results as patience is the key.