How Pets Heal

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Having a pet is known to bear results that one generally does not anticipate. The happiness that these furry friends bring along is amongst the best thiFamily-Petng that money can’t buy. Various research and studies have proven that pets greatly benefit your mental, physical and psychological health. And human and pet wellbeing is very deeply connected. If the kids in a family are listless and disobedient, the pet shows the same behaviour. Likewise, people who’d recently lost a pet, exhibited dullness and lifelessness.


Psychological Effect of Having a Pet– pets are generally happy creatures. That bouncy walk, wagging tail, big wide eyes and tongue sticking smile has absolutely no tinge of fraudulence and dishonesty. No wonder why they soon become family. Since pets spend so much time with you and connect with you, “the master” at a profound level, they easily detect alterations in your mood and respond effectively. Bird_LoveCaressing a pet is known to have the same effect as a mother nursing her child and calms, elates and lifts a person. Also, it helps fight loneliness. The constant companionship, no demand friendship that these woolly beings provide to you, automatically lifts your mood and reduces the risk of depression. Not to forget, the warn welcome they dole out; can make you forget all the miseries of a long day at work.

Physical Effects– For starters, taking your dog everyday for a walk makes you move out on days when you’d happily skip your daily exercise. This not only keeps you physically fit and active but produces results that are beyond imagination. Constant interaction with pets is known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, relax muscle tension and make breathing more regular. It also helps in the speedy recovery from an illness and improves longevity. In some circumstances, pets have warned against potential heart attack or cancer. Horse girlContact with a pet is known to lower the production of cortisol in the body, a hormone linked to stress, and at the same time increasing the amount of serotonin (a chemical known for well being and happiness). This saves the body from routine wear and tear. Having a pet can also build a better immunity and make your child resistant to allergies.

A very beneficial result of having a pet is their effect on autistic children. Kids with the problem find it increasingly calming to work with dogs and horses and can hold their attention very easily.

A research conducted over a period of 20 years, showed that people who owned cats were 40% less likely to die of a heart attack than those who did not. Also, lesser strokes were witnessed amongst the ones with a pet.

Behavioural Changes– Dogs help people overcome timidity and shyness. They help in kick start conversations between pet owners (usually) and diminish social isolation. Dog parks help you socialise with different dog owners while your dog gleefully spends time with his mates. A stretched period of exposure to pets makes the owner more friendly and open to others. They naturally enhance your mood and listen you vent out endlessly, not being judgemental for even the shortest span of time. And who knows, taking your dog for an evening walk might make you meet your right guy.