How Great is to Parent Twins

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Being a mother of twins is full of good and bad experiences. There are many ups and downs in the journey of twin babies’ mother, for sure but there are also many moments where you feel blessed and lucky to have them.  Following are things that you will get to enjoy being a mommy of two babies:


1. Will Allow you to Shop Often

No matter how much shopping you did on your last trip, you always find yourself running out of necessary possessions of your twins.   You need to be better at organizing your shopping trips to make your shopping experience an overwhelming practice.

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2. A Feel of Super-Mom

Every time you go out, you find people, especially senior citizens getting fascinated by your similar looking babies. You are going to enjoy people stopping to you and asking about your twin babies….as long as they are not pushy and intrusive.

3. Escape From The Question-‘When Are You Going To Have Another Child?’

When you have twins, people pretty much understand how busy things are with twin babies. Thus, you’re saved from the question when you will be pregnant with another baby.

4. Double Happiness

Initially you might be at shock of having twins but later you realize it is the greatest accomplishment of your life to give birth and raise twins. It gives a great joy to see your two babies growing together and simultaneously. Twins mean double kisses, double Hugs ….double love. Surely, it is an amazing feeling to hold two children and catch two wet, lovely kisses on each cheek simultaneously.

5. Doing Everything Twice

To raise twins appears hard to people but it is not. It is about repeating the done activity. You’ve to just do it again for another. Being a mother, you are required to repeat yourself twice.

6. They Amuse Each Other

Twins kids become instant friends of each other. They entertain and play with each other. This way, you get enough time to get your house stuff done.

7. More Exercise

Having twins means more exercise. You will get to do much more exercise than you used to do. Now, you’ve two children to chase around the kitchen, playground and mall- the double joy of chasing!

Raising twin babies is considered troublesome but it is also more wonderful than you thought.