Hottest Skirts in 7 Styles: Find the Best One for Your Body Type

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You can find a huge range in skirts as there is no boundary to designers’ imaginations. But, some skirts are common and are very frequently worn. Let’s explore what all they are-

1.   Pleated Skirts




Girls, 2013 is the year to adorn you with the pleated skirts- short, tea length, and printed. Pleated designed skirts give a neat and elegant look because they fit to the waists perfectly. Even plus-size women can drape it neatly, and carry it off equally perfectly by choosing skirts with elastic fasteners or zip.  It gives feminine and chic look, when put on with heels or boots.

2.   A-line Skirts




A-line skirts are comfortable, and works wonder for all occasions. These skirts are draped over hips generously, accentuating feminine curves with poise, and giving the modish look. These skirts are fitted at the waist, and get a little broader at the hem.

3.   Straight Skirts



Straight skirts are the best pick for office wear and various formal occasions. The skirts fall straight from the hip. The best part about this skirt is that it goes well on a body of every sized woman.

4.   Tube Skirts




These skirts are kind of an extended form of ‘pencil skirts’. They are hip-hugging skirts with the tapering hems. The pleasing style of the skirt gives a stunning look. The charming skirt looks the best on slim figures.

5.   Pencil Skirts




This skirt runs from waist to just above the knees. It fits the body very comfortably and neatly, adding feminine charm to their body. We suggest plump women to avoid pencil skirts, as they highlight the derriere and the hip subtly.

6.   Mini Skirts




Miniskirts work best on the slim and long-slender legged wearer. But they are good for short statured women too, giving their body an illusion of long legs. Wrong shoe is the biggest offence for miniskirts. Boots and miniskirts make a classy pairing, and spice up the overall look.

7.   Asymmetric Hem Skirts



If you are an owner of not so perfect body, then an asymmetric hem skirt is the one you should go with. It disguises the flaws of thighs or legs and can hide the podginess to a certain extent.