15 Effective Home Remedies for Dry Skin Acne

It is a common misconception that acne is a problem of oily skin; acne occurs on skin types that are greasy, and secrete excess oil. However, if you have a dry skin and suffered from acne issues, you know this is so not true. Acne can affect any skin type, and people from all age groups suffer from it. Sometimes, people even in their 40’s complain of acne trouble. However, usually, teenagers suffer greatly from the problem.

The best way to treat normal acne is to hit your kitchen pantry. You’ll find a lot of anti acne agents there, which will help you enormously in solving this horrendous skin trouble. So before you buy yourself that expensive cosmetic product that says it will help you be pimple free, dig into your kitchen and see what’s in store. Here are the best home remedies that will keep your dry skin acne free:

1. Honey


Honey contains amazing anti bacterial properties. It is extremely appropriate for people with a dry skin as it leaves your face feeling naturally smooth. It repairs your skin (meanwhile healing it) and reduces the embarrassing redness, which annoying pimples cause. It can either be used alone, or you can mix it whatever you see fit, such as milk, cucumber juice, etc. Honey also draws moisture.

2. Yogurt


Yogurt is one ingredient you can trust, no matter what intensity your zits are. It provides an amazing, soothing sensation to your skin and clears up the clogged pores. It brightens up your skin and even lightens the previous acne marks. Besides being anti bacterial, yogurt provides your skin with healthy moisturisation.

3. Cucumber


Cucumber juice is amazing on dry skin that is acne affected. Just apply the juice on your face evenly. It even provides added moisturisation besides healing your pimples.

4. Aloe Vera


The gel of aloe vera is a natural antibiotic to your skin. It is especially appropriate for people with dry skin as it moisturizes your skin and kills the excess bacteria inside your pores. It benefits the irritated skin as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Gram Flour


Gram flour (Besan) can be a bit drying if used with water. But if you mix besan with unboiled milk, milk cream or turmeric, it can aid greatly in battling acne. Besan also gives a healthy glow to your skin.

6. Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth)


Just like besan, multani mitti, when mixed with plain water or rose water, can leave your skin dry and patchy. But when mixed with the right ingredients, such as milk cream, unboiled milk, yogurt or honey, multani mitti can pacify your growing acne and leave your skin feeling fairer.

7. Fresh Mint Leaves


Crushed mint leaves can be worked into a paste and applied on the zit affected areas. However, do not use it every day.

8. Rose Water


Application of rose water, every day (preferably before going to bed), is known to benefit in the zit reduction process. It refreshes and calms your skin while repairing it from inside.

9. Neem


Neem can be used in a number of ways to battle the acne trouble. You can make it into a paste or boil neem leaves, so that it does not dry out your already dried out skin. You can even crush it into a powder and apply with the rosewater, to make a smooth paste.

10. Papaya Pulp


Papaya juice or pulp can be directly applied to your acne. This reduces the swelling caused by large zits, and also prevents bacteria formation.

11. Raw Milk and Nutmegs


Mix raw milk with crushed nutmegs, i.e., Jaiphal. Apply only on the affected area, and not on your entire face. It cleans your skin from inside out.

12. Indian Gooseberry or Amla


Amla has amazing anti bacterial properties. Mix with rosewater and apply every day, on the pimple prone areas.

13. Orange Peel


Dried orange peel is a sure shot way of fighting acne scars and freshly sprouting pimples. You can add some yogurt to the orange peel powder, and apply the thick paste on your face for the best results.

14. Egg White


Take the egg white and add a few drops of lemon juice (since lemon juice is going to dry your skin further, make sure you add only 2-3 drops). Mix them together and apply all over your face. It reduces inflammation and heals the acne scars.

15. Ice Cubes


Ice cubes reduce the redness, as well as swelling, caused due to pimples. Scars caused by previous acne can also be lightened by rubbing ice over them as it tightens the size of the scar.

These home remedies are very beneficial in fighting with acne and the marks, which these stubborn zits leave behind. Be patient and apply them over a period of time, to witness the remarkable results. Home remedies usually take some time before your skin begins to show improvement. So stick to a plan, and do not discontinue owing to impatience and restlessness. It might take time but it will surely help.