Home Beauty Secrets of B-Town Beauties!

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You watch these beautiful ladies acting and dancing on the big-screen. Off course, their acting is marvelous, but their shiny hair, shimmering eyes, glittering skin, and supple lips cast spell on everyone. If you think that the secret of their beauty is their make-over, then you are not completely right. In fact, they are the epitome of natural beauty. These lady crushes give the credit of their good looks to the home beauty products.

1. Kareena Kapoor


Who can forget Bebo’s size zero figure (in Tashan)? Her natural beauty makes her the dream women of many men.

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Kareena is a vegetarian. Instead of tea or coffee, she begins her day with milk and fruits…the secret for her gleaming skin. She doesn’t forget to include salad and green vegetables in her diet. She oils her hair with a mixture of castor, almond, olive, and coconut oil, once in a month. She practices power yoga and Ashtanga every day.

2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


The most attractive woman of the world and former Miss World use organic and natural products on her skin. This grey-blue eyed diva relies a great deal on the stuffs from the kitchen counter. She soothes her skin with cucumber and cleanses it with gram flour. For moisturizing, Aishwarya uses yogurt and milk. She prepares a mixture of hot water, lemon, and honey and on every morning, applies it as a lotion on her skin.

3. Shilpa Shetty


This damn classy lady has been always coveted for her glossy hair, unblemished skin, and agile figure. Shilpa starts her day with aloe vera juice. She never uses soap on her face. She uses a mixture of coconut oil and baby oil to remove make-up and cleanse her face. For getting a natural blush, she boils beetroot in the microwave and rubs it on her cheeks. The clandestine about her silky strands is that she never uses hair straighteners. She eats 6 soaked walnuts and almonds every day for healthy skin and hair.

4. Katrina Kaif


Katrina, bollywood’s Barbie doll, has gained superb fan following in a very less time, off course, for her acting and beauty.  The actress initiates her day with 4 glasses of water. In her diet, she avoids foods containing starch and includes fresh boiled veggies. In her drink, she uses wheatgrass powder. She never goes for make-up, when not shooting. She performs various types of exercises, like gymming and swimming, which keeps her curvy and fit.

5. Sonam Kapoor

The secret of Sonam’s long and glorious locks of hair is almond oil massage. She starts her day with a glass of warm water, followed with a mix of lime water and honey. She sips cucumber juice, buttermilk, or coconut water to remain hydrated. She uses cucumber pulp on her face, frequently.