History Repeats Itself: Relive Retro Fashion from 80s into 2013

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Do you remember those jelly shoes, sexy skinny jeans, neon clothing, and those loose shirts? Remember those necklaces that were layered on, and earrings that were extensive and dangly, bags- whether big or small? Are you able to recollect something common in all of them? Yes, you are right; all these stuffs ruled the red carpets and ramps, in the era of 1980s.

Now fashion seems to renew its style and for the same reason, 80s is returning back into the closet of women in 2013. It can be easily observed by looking at those teeny girls in leggings and loose shirts, wedge heeled shoes are there on every shelf. From hot pink lip shade to neon pants, fresh and frisky colours are back from 80s to bedazzle, and to make the world colourful once again.

Come, let’s go and peep down the memory lane and explore that retro has come back in which form to rock the world.

Tight Jeans


80s diva called it tight jeans but as we are at a stage where fashion has not been spared by revolution, terms have certainly become more glamorous and sophisticated. Tight jeans are now called as “Skinny Jeans”, and we guess skinny is actually a better term to describe fitted denims. And not just these denims, but neon is also back with a bang. All types of neon pants from green to blue, yellow to mustard, are back into 2013.

Leggings and Stirrup Pants


Now, like every other girls you must also be an aficionado of leggings for sure. And when you are confused about what to wear, you just take out that bright legging from your wardrobe that is good to go with anything, from top to blouse. You can choose from a range of options available in leggings, from lace leggings to printed ones.



1980s essentially followed the trend: the bigger, the better. And that is the reason, dresses were elongated with pads inserted everywhere, from head to toe, in a trench coat to a knee length, and even in tee shirts. No wonder, ‘Pads’ are trending back into 2013 once again, with more grace and sophistication.



Now, this is another trend to jump from 1980s straight into 2013 and it is proving to be quite popular amongst fashionistas. It has been spotted into the collection of almost every designer on the runways of Paris to New York, and Mumbai to Tokyo. You can opt from a variety of jumpsuits, like the printed ones, floral and many more.

Granny Boots


Now you ought to love granny boots.  These ankle high, lace up boots that can spice up anything in your closet. You can slip into them, while wearing a skirt or even denim shorts. This is one of the retro pick that is making girls chic, all over the globe.

Gel it up with Jellies


Jellies whether as slip-ons or pumps, are a high hit that are back from 1980s into 2013. Not just they are comfortable, but long lasting as well. Moreover, they are 100 percent water resistant. So, stay cool and calm, while going around in these comfy jellies.

Off Shoulder Shirts and Tops


Now, this outfit is something that is really sassy and sexy, and importantly, it oozes sexiness without much revealing. This outfit is really fun to wear and popular amongst all age groups, from an adolescent to a grown up of 30.

Welcome the trendy, zesty and colourful trends all the way from 1980s into the bright and beautiful 2013, and go around flaunting in the best attire, as there’s no tax in being a flaunter or being stylish.

Go Ahead!