8 Gorgeous High Ponytail Hairstyles with Weave [2019]

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Women all over the world have got this liking for a high ponytail with weave hairstyles lately. Ariana Grande and other celebs have sported sleek high ponytails with such class and charm that everybody loves such hairstyles now.

High ponytails are no more a dream only since you can have weave attached in your hair to give them the right volume and texture. Here are 8 gorgeous weave high ponytail hairstyles for you to get inspiration.


Latest High Weave Ponytail Hairstyles

Following are the trendiest high ponytail hairstyles with weave that will be huge in 2019.

1. Wavy Ponytail

high wavy ponytail with weave

This high ponytail with weave is for the fashionistas who love keeping things natural too. The gentle waves cascade down so naturally that nobody will be able to guess that it is a weave. So, go all stylish and sporty this season with the ponytail bouncing off in all directions as you walk away with confidence.


2. Curly Ponytail with Braided Extensions

high curly ponytail with weave

Curls are meant to be wild and messy when they are in a ponytail, aren’t they? The funky loose curls are so voluminous and well textured that they are hard to miss when it comes to any gathering or parties.

With this long weave ponytail hairstyle, you can have your hair as wild as you feel deep down. The ponytail is secured with a braid which runs along the length of your scalp making you look even more stylish.


3. Sleek Ponytail

black girl with weave ponytail

Silky and smooth hair is a goal of most women, isn’t it? You do not need all those expensive serums anymore which give you a temporary shine. Just get silky curls and shine away throughout the day and at night parties with this lovely high sleek ponytail with weave. Make sure to take the ponytail as high as you can so that the gentle curls are in a fuller display.


4. High Ponytail with Bardot Bangs

high weave ponytail with bangs

Bangs are an evergreen friend of any fashion queen, aren’t they? These sleek bangs grow longer at the sides and go so well with the weaved high ponytail that you just cannot help feeling like a diva. This is your time to shine and dazzle the world with your beautiful hair, so do it and see how happy you become.


5. Light Brown Hidden Ponytail

high light brown weave ponytail

Why have a single toned high weave ponytail when you can go for a twin colored one? This chic and sleek light brown ponytail looks so classy with the black base that you are going to love this hairstyle more than any other hairstyles in the past. The high ponytail is given a slightly extended feel at the top making the ponytail even sleeker.


6. Side High Ponytail

side high weave ponytail

This is a classic ponytail updo hairstyle for black women which looks so natural and stylish that you are sure to fall for it. Be it a night out with friends or a high corporate event, this side-swept weave high ponytail is your go-to hairstyle since it has the perfection of a classy look. The hair is all tied at the top and the ponytail directs them to a side uplifting your side profile, even more, making your face angular.


7. Genie Ponytail

high genie ponytail with weave

Extended high genie ponytail with weave is something so modern and chic that it can become your signature hairstyle for all seasons and all events. The brown lowlights are such a cool and contrasting addition to this that it will help you feel the right boldness that you need to take on the world.


8. Red Curly Ponytail

red curly ponytail with weave

Side curly weaved high ponytails are fun and chic, but this one has taken them to a whole new level. The purplish-red curls are so vibrant and stylish that you will not want to change your hairstyle for a long, long time once you get it.


These 8 gorgeous high ponytails with weave hairstyles are all highly recommended since each one of them has a certain class and charm that you will love!