Hey Dreamers Clad……Fashionistas

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Are you a fashion freak? Could you spend hours in completing an outfit with the perfectly matched accessories? Do you always stay tuned with what’s banging on trend? Do you let all your salary to go on buying fashion magazines? If the answer is ‘YES’, you are a fashionista!

If you love and breathe every dynamic of fashion, then following jobs are meant for you:

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Personal Shopper

Do you rescue your all untrendy mates from the fashion disaster?  Then it’s a time to put your talent of styling people to good use by choosing ‘personal shopper’ as your career. Make your passion, your source of living. Give a thought to it.

You’ll receive a pay to suggest and guide people on ‘WHAT TO WEAR’ and ‘WHAT NOT TO WEAR’ .Dressing people pay….Wow! Sounds cool naa?

You need to control no matter how desperate you’re, to tell your customers how silly they look in their present outfit.


If you enjoy staying in shape, wearing trendy clothes, then you definitely got a career as a model.You’ll be paid for up and down walks in the trendy clothes. Warning! Competition is tougher than a model’s ogle, so practice hard for your poses. Whatever you do, but always remember ‘SMIZE’! Being a model, you will get to walk down the catwalk in fashion shows, serving in TV commercials or modeling a particular body part like a hand to exhibit jewelry or watches.


Are you a shopaholic? Is doing shopping your favorite pastime? If this is the case, we got a job for you.  Being a merchandiser/buyer involves ‘purchasing’ to make a living without bothering of the credit card bills at the end of shopping. How does it sound? Interesting for sure!

So, as a merchandiser you are required to do shopping for your organisation/company and determine what to stock and where to display it. This career is all about utilizing your shopping expertise to earn your livelihood.


Designing is another such field where you can make your career. To be a designer, you need to be creative, keep on top of trends, and make work innovative and fresh.

You need to hate the ongoing trends and bring something new to people.

Fashion Journalist

Being a fashion journalist you have to bring the latest trend and glamour of the fashion ‘duniya’ to the millions of people. You can work with fashion magazines, television, newspapers and even the Internet.

Many people lose passion in their jobs because they fail to identify themselves correctly before entering into a particular job.