Here Is Why You Should Not Tell Your Lil Girl That She Is Pretty

You must be wondering what’s wrong with telling a girl that she is pretty. In fact, isn’t that the best thing you can say to her? Read on and decide yourself!


I still remember the 10th of January, three years back, when I was blessed with an adorable niece! No one in our family could stop smiling while looking at her deep brown eyes, and the angelic face. Seeing her grow up gave me more pleasure than anything, in this world.

One thing bothers me- everybody keeps talking about how beautiful her eyes are; how pretty those light brown curly locks look; and some neighbourhood grannies wouldn’t mind to mention that how beautiful a bride, she will make. It’s not that I don’t want people to see her beauty; what bothers me is her beauty that seems to be overpowering everything about her. It’s about everything that makes her the person, which she is! For example- she is a very good painter already, and the way she recites long poems is just commendable, but people somehow tend to overlook these qualities over her pretty facial features and the colour of her hair.

Yes, I don’t want to tell my Lil niece that she is pretty. I don’t want anyone to tell her that she is just pretty coz I love her more than that. I want to tell her that she has got an artist within her, who wants to paint everything she sees. I want to tell her that she is smarter and intelligent than others, from the same agegroup.


She should grow up thinking about her abilities, and learning new things in the world; instead of titivating in front of mirror, and being grateful for her beauty. In our society, girls are recognized for their beauty, from the day they are born; while a boy would be appreciated for his football skills or mathematical aptitude. A girl would be loved for her milky complexion and prettiness. I’m not saying that this is some discrimination. This is something, we all do involuntarily. For instance, when I speak to my cousin in U.S, we never fail to discuss how cute our lil girl looks when she smiles.

A few days back, I was reading a piece that talked about how beauty-obsessed the young school girls are becoming. So maybe, somewhere it’s because they always have been appreciated for this one thing. This one thing never took any of their efforts, nor had control over.

That’s why I won’t tell my lil niece that she is pretty; though I know she is the most beautiful person on earth, inside out coz she is more than beautiful!