Heels for the Highness

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Dividing that closet into sections can be one hell of a task. Picking your ideal type of inch (not boyfriend) isn’t a cakewalk either. We help you pick your kind in seconds. Allow us to lay some light on the different “sizes” God invented to help you attain happiness. (Don’t let your mind wander away!)

Let’s bring in heels today. Since every girl swears by them, gushes at their beauty and feels completely at home in them, the various shoes out there for you are-

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1. Stilettos

This is the first thing that strikes your mind when one says, “heels”. They not only add inches to your height (which apparently ranges from 2 to 10”) but also make you look toned and chiselled.



2. Wedges

These ones have been “in” for quite some time now. The heels run from the toes to the end of the footwear which increases gradually and broadens at the finish. Also, they are highly convenient to wear and cause least uneasiness.


3. Pumps

Sigh! And drool! Every time you see the classic pump, that’s what you’d ever want to do. And if you just spot one, grab it before someone else pays for that trophy. The pump generally sports a magnificent heel and can either be pointed or round from the toes.


4. Sling Backs

More of a pump look alike, the sling back is not covered at the end; instead it just flaunts a strap to hold the foot firmly. The heel is not too high and not entirely invisible either.



5. Boots

The winter must have. Tuck in your jeans in those high heeled boots and throw over a jacket. Nothing can make you look more chic and classy (considering its winters and you’re forced to stick to your routine woollens).



6. D’orsay

Small heeled shoes, with an open front and rear along with a single strap are convenient as day wear and can be replaced with flip flops.



7. Sandals

Though sandals are usually flat; they can sometimes adorn a heel. They usually cover just the upper portion of your feet, leaving the toes open to get some fresh air.



Now that you feel so enlightened on the types of heels available to you, get yourself all of the 7, for each day of the week, ladies!