Health Hazards in Hand-Bags

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The FASHION of today is restricted to not just trendy clothes and jewelries but has branched out to gorgeous handbags. Styling of lovely ladies goes incomplete without their arm- candy bags. It is one accessory that no lady can do without.

Beloved women, handbags charm you much and you can’t think of stepping out without your beautiful purses. No doubt, you all are a big sucker for pretty bags.  Colorful, small, big… you have them all. They make you carry your make –up items, cards, money, keys and everything that may require while you are out.  Handbags are always on your wish-list as a necessary accessory.

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However this handbag mania has made you to forget the brunt that your accessorize sack may have on our health. You will be surprised to know that your handbag carries numerous hidden hazards and can make you sick. As we take this teeny-weeny luggage to many places and often place them on floors; hence are tend to pick up germs easily.  To shock you, thousands of germs reside on the outer surface of your bag. Well, microbes count is limited not to the outer surface of your handbag, their presence hovers inside your bag as well. Let’s discover top five health dangers that lurk in your hand-bag:

Water Bottle

We often carry a water-bottle in our bag to keep ourselves hydrates for all day long. No doubt, drinking water is good for health. But, it becomes health havoc when we repeatedly drink through a plastic bottle.   Studies reveal that hazardous chemical – ‘ naphthalene’ found in plastic- material that percolates into the water eventually and causes fertility problems and hormonal imbalances.  The concentration of the chemical increases in the water, the longer we store water in the bottle.

‘Glass bottles’ can offer a healthier way out to the problem. If breakage of a glass bottle concerns you then go for a metal- bottle like aluminium or stainless steel bottle. Stay safer, stay hydrated!

Used Handkerchief/Tissues

Many women are at fault of mopping their nose with a tissue or handkerchief and stuffing the same used hanky or tissue inside their handbag.  Cold and flu causing viruses are robust enough to survive on tissues for a significant longer time. As a result, every time you grope  inside your bag, your hand comes into the contact of microbes or germs lying on used hanky/tissue, which are then spread to surfaces like stair-rails and door handles when you touch or hold them and thus pass on to others.

For a precaution, throw away the used tissue immediately after blowing your nose and then sanitize your hand using hand-sanitizer or wash your hands.


You keep your purse filled with numerous make up stuff such as make-up brushes, mascara tubes and lip-sticks. The way you throw out the food upon its expiration, in a similar manner you should clear out expired make up stuff from your hand bag and replace it with the new only after a certain period of time, roughly after every 18 months of period. This prevents growth of bacteria, especially in mascara tubes.

Warm, moist and dark environment of mascara tubes support growth of bacteria. Thus, you should replace your mascara in every six months to prevent possible eye-infection.  To be safe on spread of any kind of infection, wash make-up brushes on a regular basis and also avoid sharing your make-up items with others.

Mobile Phones

A mobile phone that you carry in your purse may cause many mental and physical health problems such as brain tumor and infertility.  Besides these potential dangers to your health, cell phones are infected with faecal matter, according to a study. The “texter’s thumb” condition and strain injury are very common threat to regular cell-phone users.

Heavy Items


You toss everything in your handbag that you find important for rest of the day before you leave your home in the morning. But loading your bag with hefty items such as reading material, cosmetics, heavy electronic gadgets and gym shoes may cause a severe health hazard to you. It may not affect you immediately but eventually it causes severe neck pain, back problems and also lead to poor posture.

To avoid this, switch to a smaller bag and stuff it only with the items that are of immense necessity before you leave your home. Also, spend 1 min at the end of every day and de-clutter the un-necessary items from your handbag.

“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.” ~ Astrid Alauda