Heal Your Cracked Heels and Feet at Home

How beautiful sandals are! It best matches with your dress. You might have given such compliments to many of your friends, but why are you ashamed of exposing your own feet? Oh! Due to bad condition of the heels…

We take care of the entire body, but neglect our feet. The result is cracked and painful heels. Well girls, you need not to worry! I have some effective tips to realize your dreams of wearing elegant strappy sandals and sexy high heels stilettos.

1. Ripe Bananas


Mash 1 ripe banana and rub it gently on the cracked and dry heels. After 10-15 minutes, wash it with water. You will get the amazing results just after one application.

2. Glycerin and Rose Water


Mix equal quantities of rosewater and glycerin. Massage your feet continuously for 15 days with this mixture. You will experience slippery and supple heels.

3. Honey


Take one gallon of warm water in a bucket and add one cup of honey in it. Immerse your feet in it for at least 15-20 minutes. It will vanish away the dryness from the heels and make them soft.

4. Lemon


Take 1 teaspoon of Vaseline in a bowl and to it, add lemon. Rub this mixture on the cracked areas of your feet. Before applying this mixture, clean and dry your feet.

Alternatively, fill 1/4th of the bucket with water and squeeze 1 lemon in it. Immerse your feet in this bucket. After some time, wash with soap and clean water. Repeat it twice a week.

5. Salty Water


Fill 1/4th of the bucket with lukewarm water. Add a tablespoon of salt in it. Put your feet in this salty water for 10-15 minutes. Dry them properly and massage with moisturizer. Immediately, wear a pair of socks. It is a natural pedicure for your feet.

6. Sugar Scrub


Take some sugar in a bowl and add some oil (coconut, jojoba, olive or any other oil) to it. Mix it well. Use this mixture to scrub your feet. This is the best cure for cracked heels.

7. Aloe Vera


Mix camphor, tulsi and turmeric in equal quantity. Prepare a paste by adding aloe vera gel to this mixture. Apply this paste on your heels. After 15 minutes, rinse with water. It will help in quick healing.

You can also apply plain aloe vera gel. It will also give you quick respite from painful cracked heels.

8. Parrafin Wax


Melt paraffin wax with some coconut oil. Before going to bed, fill this mixture in your cracks. Wash it in the morning. Continue it for 2 weeks to get the best results.

9. Papaya


Mash a small piece of papaya and add lemon juice to it. Massage your heels with it. After 20 minutes, wash it off with water.

Some Quick Tips

  • Exfoliate and scrub your feet regularly.
  • Use natural products for your feet.
  • Wear socks after applying moisturizer.
  • Stroll on green grass.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Each time you come from outside, wash your feet.
  • Always wear comfortable shoes or sandals.

Apply the above tips and be ready to purchase the high heel stilettos and sandals to flaunt your feet in the party.