Having to Wait for too Long? Try your Hands on the Surgery!

We all hate waiting. Right? But then, there are some places where its inevitable like the hospitals. But, this young impatient man has denied on waiting. Allan dell is 26, and he met with a head-banging-in-guitar accident, which left him with his upper lip sliced down to his teeth. He rushed to the emergency of Royal Darwin hospital, but as the time being 2:15 am, and it was Saturday, so he was told to wait till the morning for the doctors to arrive.

With his face half split and irritated by the hospital staff, dell decided to use his own hands and perform the surgery himself with dental floss. When asked Allan says “I grew up in the bush in country NSW, and I’m also a chef, so I’m not too strange with threading meat … I used dental floss and a sewing needle – but I sterilised it all first”

THAT deserves  applause for sure, Mr. Allan.