Hairstyling Ideas – Knotty Bun

Time: 10 minutes

Looks good on:

  • Long to medium hair
  • straight hair
  • brushed smooth hair

Stuff you’ll need:

  • 2 clear hair bands
  •  Hairspray
  •  Shine-enhancing gloss (serum or spray)
  • Few bobby pins
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Step 1

Part your hair centrally or off-center, make sure you have a balanced right and left side.

Step 2

Stretch the parting downwards towards the scruff of the neck like you do while making pigtails.

Step 3

after applying the shine serum on the hair of the left side; tie one of the elastics a bit above (around 2 inches) from the ends of hair of that segment. Repeat the same on the right part.

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Step 4

Hold both the sections and twirl them inward and towards each other with your fingers.

Step 5

Enfold the twisted section around and the other and vice versa until the twists start looking like a rope. Now, tuck the ends under the bun and secure with the help of bobby pins.

Step 6

if you want a neat look, you can spray a little hairspray to settle any flyaways. Alternatively, you can just let it be for a more casual look.

Now go out and flaunt your new easy to do hairstyle among your girlies!