Hairstyling Ideas – Fishtail Braid!

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Brush your hair to make them knot free and easy to handle. You don’t need straight smooth hair but it’d be better to keep things knot free. Part your hair into two sections from the middle of the scalp as if you are making pigtails.


Pull a thin strand of hair out from the left section towards right and while you do so make sure the strands passes from over the left remaining section and now grab it under the right section. I.e. the strand goes over the left and under the right section.


Now repeat step 2 on the right side, i.e. pull a strand from the right section and make sure it passes over the right section and grasp it under the left one. Make sure you take skinny strands as the more intricate the braid looks the better it is and try to take equal sized strands to avoid the braid looking uneven.


Carry on weaving strands from the left and right. Keep weaving till you reach the end of the braid. Taking thinner strands will consume more time but once it’s done, it’d be worth it. After you’ve reached about the ends of your hair secure the braid with an elastic or clip.


Once you are done, you can loosen up the braid by gently pulling the strands outwards simultaneously with both hands. This will give the braid a more casual look.

Fishtail can be transformed into a lot of different styles depending upon the length of the hair. You can twist it up into a bun or make a side swept fishtail.