The Guidebook for Single Moms Planning a Vacation

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Yes, being a single mom, its jumbling and tottering and also even sometimes looks like a nightmare, when you hear travelling and especially with your kids. But don’t get too exasperated! As being entangled all alone, you need a soothing break for sure. Amidst your maddening busy to-do list, if you would get an opportunity to tour somewhere or forecasting a vacation, then don’t let it go easily.

We understand, getting up early by hearing your kids shouting alarm wouldn’t be a great morning treat. And handling your broods while they’re beleaguering you incessantly, makes it more troublesome. Carrying them along with a heavy luggage in a public transport rushing for station or airport is surely a woe.

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However, dumping all your desires to take a break from your forlorn and thorny life may be regretful. And basically for the cause being single you can’t deal with things alone or not aware of, frankly nowadays doesn’t make any sense. If you’re geared up with all precautions and apt preparation then you’re good to go. Just some key facts needs to be explored before you pack your bags. With an accurate analysis and management things itself became much accessible for you.

  • You might get anxious at times while having a package deal to lighten up your budget. As some times, these deals may cost you added amount. But fortunately there are many ways to avoid your extra expense on these packages. To make you travel along with your kids economically and stress-free the travel industry offers you many options.
  • You may find several exciting travelling deals including kids and not two adults. Additionally, indulge in some online research yourself to get things clear in your head to evade any confusion. Even If you’re seeking a travel agent’s assistance then also cross check again and again. Try to save your money by not paying on two adult package deals.
  • If you’re travelling for business purposes or for some family occasions, you may seek help by your own and known, whom you may trust any time (a female of nearby relation or friend would be apt). As she’ll be able to take care of kids while you’re in a meeting.
  • Travelling with a toddler, make sure you’re not loaded with a bunch of luggage. Try to carry light weighted things.
  • On a vacation with your broods must take their consent. So that it should not disheartened them.
  • Also give them a proper and a strict counselling about their ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Though its fun but safety measures can’t be ignored.
  • While travelling you may carry some eatery stuff from home as well. This will not only save your money but also quite healthy and hygienic. Pack non-perishable stuffs like granola bars, powdered drink, energy bars, dried fruits, biscuits, wafers and many other items which you find convenient to carry for long time.
  • Make a proper schedule of your routine activities to dodge tiredness. With a proper plan you and your kids will not get overtired and act strange. Don’t let your kids go extreme with fun activities.
  • Also very significantly carry a medicine box. Fill it up with essential instruments like a thermometer, inhaler, band-Aids, sprain spray, Neosporin and other prescribed medicines as well. Keep as much as tissue papers or paper towels you can. Coz trust me! You are going to require it the most.
  • Keep a note of all the belonging you carry, so that if anything lost you can cross-check it. Also keep latest photos of your kids alone and with you.
    This will aid you in case some unfortunate incident happens or your child is missing.
  • As being a single mother your duties gets doubled, so give some safety instructions to your kids too. Children are not so dump as compared to how we treat them. They gauge things quickly and without knowing the pros and cons get involved in it. Therefore, instruct them not to get involved or trust any stranger. Neither to eat or smell any given thing.
  • Similarly, you being alone don’t find yourself feeble. While taking help be very cautious. Always keep in touch with the authority persons. Be in contact on phone with your near ones or whom you’ll be reaching to.

Though, we understand being a parent, you must be concerned when it comes to you and your loved ones. Still many of us really don’t follow these guidelines and hence have to suffer severe consequences too. Don’t think as if you cognize everything, reading some safety tips before travelling would not harm you anyways. Our conception was to stress more on your safety since you’re travelling with your small ones.