Growing Up With Style

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While you’re in the muse, that what you wear is ‘the best’ of yours, let me butt in and pull you out of this self-appraise. Sometimes, whilst growing up, we ourselves aren’t able to figure out what to put on and what not. What’s in trend- you’ll know it well, but what’s in there for your grown age to keep you in trend- that you need to explore a bit. Be it a ‘sweet sixteen’ school going girl, or a lovely college going ‘girl next door’, dressing artfully every time you step out of the house, is our sole mission here. With these fashion mantras in mind, get all the heads turned on you.

Floral Frocks

These teeny-weeny sleeveless floral subtle frocks are surely gonna make you popular on the very first day of your college (as a fashion diva of course). You can also wear a waist band to enhance the overall appearance of your shape. Emerging as a babydoll with these cool tunics, you’re on to make rest of the girl crowd burn with envy.

Checked Shorts

The chequered shorts are there to take out the eyeballs of boys, while staring at you. Whether, it’s your appearance to cheer for your guy-friends in a sports event, or a French horn or trumpet rehearsal in the school, these classy shorts in your collection will always remain chic.

Layered Minis with Floral Prints

And if you want more, then go down. The layered floral minis again tempt, that you buy them hurriedly. This will enhance your look coolly to the extent that you have been aiming for long. Team it up with an unfussy top and a shrug or jacket over it. Don’t forget to wear a pair of funky glares from your closet; that’s actually a cherry on the cake!

Skin-fitted Jeans

A pair of skinny jeans is the trendiest and most modish denim nowadays. Don’t believe me?  Travel any urban store or mall nearby and catch it yourself. You too may find a variety of fits under this category. Gone are the days, when we use to wear denims plunging our rumps. The fit is in, and so are these skinny jeans. Size zero does matter for this, however, having lil plumpy legs may suit this attire better. But, being exceedingly overweight, rings a bell for you to rush for the gym darling!

Frilled Skirts

Ohh! We can’t resist ourselves when we have a glance at these delicate and elegant frilly skirts, with the peeping netted lace over the thighs. It’s hot, it’s tempting!  Put it on for those soothing evening parties or while for a plan to have a blast with friends for an outing or disc maybe. This chicky skirt would reflect a diva coming out of your persona, once you wear it.

Frocks with Polka Dots

Sorry Sorry Sorry! But, I mean look at this! How come one not include this classic polka dotted off-shoulder frock in her wardrobe. It’s girly and bubbling. A black satin bow on the waist will enhance your vivacity even more. For a date or for a party, cling in yourself and you’re on for the affair babes!

Trendy Jackets

As you can see, an array of these nice tailored frenzy jackets has spread all over in our penchant.  Anyone of these, according to your tang, is a must to have in your collection; especially for the coming fall. Team it up with a nice trendy denim or trousers, for any casual outing.

Traditional Suits

If you are thinking, why we got so traditional out of a sudden, then let me tell you, this is quite hot and happening.  Remember the ‘Anushka’ in ‘rab ne bana di Jodi’ or the latest whiff of fresh air ‘Diana Penty’ in the movie ‘Cocktail’? Gosh man!  People are madly in love with their simple avatars of a sati savitri traditional Indian female. Plunge into your own feminism, and remember this one is going to make the boys and their moms happy for sure! Together with, loads of compliments will come on your way, by your neighbours, relatives and on and on and on…. So, give in that dreary tomboyish look which you’re dipped in to nowadays, and step out with this feminine look, followed by many relishing gazes.

White Shirt

It’s a masterpiece since it has been worn out by ages. It’s flattering with a petite neck and buttons down. If it’s pressed and crisp, you made your own fashion statement. Wear and handle with style and not to show a cliché. And varieties, as you can see are many!

Sexy Saris

Wherever you go in the world, one thing commonly seen is that you’ll be identified with your ‘Sari’. Being a female and whilst at this beautiful growing age, this traditional attire is an ensemble to proffer you an inner completeness. So my dearies, from ‘Freshers’ to ‘Farewell’ parties,  flaunt your ethnicity and efflorescent shape proudly with these elegant saris.

Evergreen Trousers

So, you think we’re done? But without these timeless trousers, all together, our list would be imperfect. Girls usually find it lacklustre, and hence, avoid it to have them in their wardrobe collection. But, as per the buzz, these are your all time requirement;  whether you go for an interview or in any formal party. Bringing style along with it, depends on your choice and fits. Its trendy nowadays, if you’re ready to dig out the assortments.