GOSF: Great Online Shopping Fail..Oops!

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GOSF, the Great Online Shopping Festival, an initiative by Google, appears to have beaten its purpose. Though we appreciate the gesture by the world’s favorite search engine, it looks like the idea is close to being an epic fail. And why, you may ask? Well, the reason lies with the deceitful and fraudulent retailers, who have very conveniently taken up a new trick. The ploy is far from new, but it sure is least expected of world class websites and sellers. What the dealers are currently doing is selling products at their actual/original prices while faking discounts to their customers. And while the naive, eager-to-spend population is jumping to grab the “best deals”, it isn’t realizing the immense fraud and treachery behind the act. People all over the world, who were, till just a few hours back too pleased with themselves about being smart and saving their money (remember “discount”, anyone?) are finally showing their displeasure about getting fooled and actually paying the entire price. They are tweeting, texting and updating statuses about how uncool can the retailers get and how they feel cheated.

Don’t believe us? Check a few tweets for yourself!

Dear #GOSF the kind of hype you created and kind of discounts you are offering are not even enticing enough to buy anything. #Fail

Sibal gives the best #GOSF offer! RT @ndtv Roaming will be free from 2013: Kapil Sibal.

#GOSF has turned into ‘Google Online Shopping Fail’.

Nothing worth buying from the #GOSF! Quite a disappointment.

People do realise they are spending money on things they don’t really need. Don’t they? #gosf

#GOSF is total BS.. they increased the value by 20% and cutting down to 10%. P.S. I am tracking the rates since a month.

#GOSF goes live with disappointing deals; Indians take to twitter to rant.

Looks like the only good stuff you’re getting out from #GOSF are the jokes about #GOSF

#GOSF Great Online Shit-sell Festival

So basically we are being taken for a ride under the guise of #GOSF

And apart from the entire hoax, the website is even facing technical inconvenience. Two enthusiasts’ tweet-

About 3 out of 6 sites that I have tried in #GOSF are facing technical problems.

Post #GOSF I’m not able to log in to my bank account.

However, it would be unfair to accuse all the sites of such treacherous behaviour. Because while most of the dealers are busy conning the impulsive shoppers; there are a few genuine, honest retailers who have participated in this sale with sincere intentions. And we do have examples to back us up. A friend got the promised 20% off on a deal on a certain piece of clothing from myntra.com (one of the many retailers chipping in for the grand sale) and another website quotes the exact cost of a certain bestseller without increasing the price in the first place. So it’s not all deceit and no fair play. And once again, twitter provides us proof-

Buying something on sale is a very special feeling. The lesser you pay the more happier you are. #GOSF

#GOSF is addictive, shopping online since morning

@Paytm killing #gosf with genuine genuine deals!! 50% flat on ALL bus tickets. Insane stuff. One brand who knows how it works.

#GOSF a failure? No, first hand information reports a website did 1.5 crore sales in a day. #121212

#GOSF Success or failure, it’s trending for the day!

Filled my cart at yesterday’s prices at @myntra and got a true 20% off for #gosf. Sweet!

So, we believe that a little strictness and laying down of stringent laws and guidelines by Google would have prevented the inconvenience that caused many buyers to detest and curse the entire sale eventually leading to two opinions and different views. Out rightly rejecting the GOSF would be a slightly cruel thing to do, since the sale that was more like the US Black Friday Deals was started out with a genuine, happy-to-serve-you intention.