Gorgeous Gowns that Bedazzled the Stage of Miss Universe 2012

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Miss Universe 2012 was all about the scintillating stage, flashy lights, sparkling evening gowns and cheekiest swim suits. And not to be missed, the sassy, frisky and hotter than ever-89 gorgeous contestants from around the globe, to set the whole stage on fire. From Albania to Venezuela, from India to USA, every contestant did her best on the stage of Miss Universe, to grab the title.

Well, only one could have ended up as an eventual winner, but there were a lot of evening gowns and contestants at the pageant, that grabbed a lot of attention and applauses. There was everything in the category of evening gowns, from flow red carpet gowns to spectacular wedding dresses.

Here’s the list of Best Evening gowns, and contestants that carried them well-off in alphabetic order:

Miss Albania


Adrola Dushi

The yellow gown with less of sequin and more of freshness gave her a life. Though, she did not open the show with a great energy, but her gown was certainly great.

Score: 7.2/10

Miss Aruba


Liza Helder

Her beauty is flawless and it gets accentuated with her mustard dramatic gown with silvery accents that was adding to her pretty persona. She ruled the stage with her sheer beauty.

Score: 7/10

Miss Australia


Renae Ayris

She created magic on stage with this subdued yet shiny evening gown. Flow of her gown was amazing and the way she carried her, added a lot more glamour to her gown. Outstanding!

Score: 8.5/10

Miss Brazil


Gabriela Markus

This Brazilian beauty enthralled the audience and the judges, as she walked through the stage in her glitzy sequined dress and high heels. She notched the evening gown competition with her appeal. No doubt, Brazil has been sending the best contestants to Miss Universe, over the last few years.

Score: 8.3/10

Miss Cayman Islands


Lindsay Japal

Her gown was quite mesmerizing and was looking perfect on her. The way she gave a snap turn and posed, oozed a lot of appeal from this island beauty. Such girls from small islands are coming up with a lot of practice, and now, they kind of know exactly that what Miss Universe organization wants from contestants.  Hope to see a winner from amongst them in years to come.

Score: 7.7/10

Miss Croatia


Elizabeta Burg

Elizabeta was certainly one of the best faces of the pageant, and a strong contender for the crown. She splendidly did well at the evening gown competition with her green gown that portrayed her as an elegant ‘lady’.

Score: 8.2/10

Miss France


Marie Payet

Maria’s dress was quite conservative, but nevertheless, she carried it amazingly and the train that this gown was making at the bottom, was awesome. She rocked the stage with this light and sequin gown.

Score: 7.8/10

Miss Haiti


Jacques Christela

Many contestants wore subdued and subtle gowns at the pageant. Although, it is very daring to wear such types of gowns at clamorous pageants like MU, but Miss Haiti’s gown had a lot of sass and appeal. The cleavage cut to flow, everything was impeccable. Had she carried it more gracefully, she would have made it a sure shot, at least into the semis.

Score: 8/10

Miss Jamaica


Chantal Zaky

She proved to be hot, hot and hot on stage, during her evening gown performance. She dazzled the ramp in her embellished gown. More or less, the colour was going almost same with those of Australia, France and Haiti, but she looked all the way different in the stunning gown.

Score:  7.7/10

Miss Mexico


Karina Gonzalez

Latin beauties know how to nail the competition. So did Miss Mexico, in her glamorous and dramatic red evening gown, in which, she showed off her legs boldly and confidently. She was a stunner on stage and nailed the evening gown competition with her spectacular gown and confidence.

Score: 8.7/10

Miss Paraguay


Egni Ekert

She was not even considered as a possibility at MU, but later when she walked the ramp in her icy blue gown with embellishment, she became the heart throb of spectators. Her smiles, her poses, were so radiant and elegant at the stage, that one cannot take his/her eyes off her sight.

Score: 7.7/10

Miss Philippines


Janine Tugonon

Now, this girl is a perfect blend of classic and modern beauty. When she stood centre stage and smiled, the crowd went wild. And, equally wild and spectacular was her evening gown. We really do not know, what made her missed the crown by just an inch; otherwise, she deserved to be the winner of the pageant.

Score: 8.8/10

Miss Puerto Rico


Bodine Koehler

Puerto Rico is one of those countries that have been doing extremely good at beauty pageants. No doubt, this year’s contestant Bodine was an eye candy that looked like an angel in her baby pink evening gown. Since, expectations from this country have risen greatly, this was probably one of the reasons that Bodine could not make it to the top 15 even. But, her gown was a stand out.

Score: 8/10

Miss South Africa


Melinda Bam

Big sequins, mermaid style gown, and a radiating smile on her face. All that was suffice to enthral the spectators around. She was another strong bet for the crown and she did pretty well at the pageant. Good job girl!

Score: 8.2/10

Miss Tanzania


Winfrida Dominic

Her strength truly lied in her stage presence. Her radiating smile was inviting in that choker metallic gown. She proved that one can look equally beautiful, even without hair-dos.

Score: 7.8/10

Miss USA


Olivia Culpo

This beauty looked regal on stage, and she did amazingly well and played well off with her exquisite red evening gown.  From her hair do to selection of heels and makeup, everything was perfect to make her the winner of Miss Universe 2012.

Score: 8.9/10

That was the deep analysis of evening gowns from Miss Universe 2012. Which one are you going to pick for your closet?

Tell us your favourite gown amongst these, ladies !