Go Teeny Weenie with Bubbly Beach Wear


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Beach is something that’s perfectly synonymous with the words bubbly, energy, chill, and comfort. Similar are the beach wears that ooze liveliness out of them. It’s not mandatory to step into the beach avatar, only if you are strolling by a beach. You can get into the attire even on weekends, for a pool party or a personal party at your farm.

So, get ready to become a beach baby with the trendiest of bikinis, one piece swimsuits, sunglasses, shoes, slip-ons, and just everything as our fashion experts are all sett o expose the prettiest totes and cheekiest bikinis of the season. Get ready to follow the trend.

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Bubbly beach girls know how to amalgamate fashion with comfort. They do not run for big brand names, for beach fashion. They play it smart and combine the vintage stuff brands’ name. You can incorporate many a thing, from a flow maxi dress to rugged denim shorts, from a loose blouse to bright bikinis, into your beach wear attire. Remember, your beach wear look should be carefree, without any fuss, and should be naturally stunning at the same time.


Accessorize with Trendiest Accessories and Shoes:

While thinking about the beach wear shoes, we always end up wearing the comfy flip-flops. One can never go wrong with flip-flop with a range of available patterns and colours. You can also take out those cute sandals from your closet, to complete the beach look.

Beach girls love to be flooded with accessories, but very thin accessories like shark teeth necklaces, bangles, beaded necklaces, or cute and colourful bracelets. Sass it up with cool aviators, or whimsical wayfarers would also do the best for you. You can spice up with a sassy scarf as well.


Play Around with Hair:


Beach girls prefer to have highlights all over their hair, which look best, with sun and wind kissed locks and curls. Staying ‘Natural’ is the key to look best in a beach wear. For creating a perfect beach look for hair, here are the steps:

  1. Wash hair with shampoos and condition them with conditioner; it would enhance the curls in your hair.
  2. Follow it with a hair spray that would create a matte look in your hair.
  3. Finally, dry wet hair with a dryer, while scrunching lightly.
  4. For a night look, you can go for a French braid or a high pony tail with eye-catching beads.


It’s advised not to wear any makeup for the perfect beach look. But, if you are a makeup person, then go for  tinted moisturizers with SPF 30 at least, and UV broad spectrum. Apply concealer to conceal the dark circles around puffy eyes. Go for a peach blush and spend your day getting baked in the sun, without any risk of skin cancer.

beach makeup

Life is also like a beach. Live with carefree but cautious attitude. Do not afraid to experiment with things, but try to be as natural as possible. Be fashionable, be chic, and most importantly, be confident as your confidence is the key to the admiration that you are going to grab in your kitty.

Go beachalicious!!!!!!