Go shopping, the printed way

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Bored of the dull blacks and browns? Can’t wait to spike up your wardrobe? Allow us to tell you how.

This season go buying prints. Yes, all kinds of prints. And thank the lord for there’s so much to pick from. If floral isn’t your thing, then there are geometric shapes, chequered patterns and certain assorted contours that will work wonders for your silhouette.

The very first rule to wearing a print is not to go overboard with your styling. Mixing all the available options in one outfit will spell disaster every time, take our word on it. So don’t do overboard, exercise moderation and stay classy.

Floral prints

Our first pick is the floral print which is currently ruling the roost. Right from the big bright flower designs to the small widely spaced ones, flowers have that feminine appeal that none surpass. Also, since these designs usually do not come in a uniform colour, accessorizing gets a hell lot easier.

Chequered prints

The dainty checks to the bold patterns, these ones need to be picked according to your body type. If you are petite, wear a lot of colour and large prints to enhance your height. Vice versa in case you usually pick up “L” from the store shelves.

Tribal inspired prints

These ones look very chic and can be paired with motifs and plaids. A lot of tribal print accessory is also available with the major brands. Team up the two and you’re ready to go.

Geometric designs

While not a lot of people have the courage to experiment with these bold designs, we push you to grab one or two of these prints and indulge. There’re circles, rectangles and hexagons to choose from. Go looking; we’re sure you’ll find something that’s been created just for you.

Lots and lots of prints. What’s your style?


Yes, we adore you and will never abandon you right in the middle of styling you right. So what more do prints offer in terms of accessories? Well, everything. Bags, shoes, sunglasses, belts and everything that you currently own in dull shades is available in vibrant designs too. But don’t do a head to toe print parade.

Bags, shoes, scarves and chains. Is there any wish still not fulfilled?