Go Cozy with Money

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‘Money and Marriage’, together makes a stressful combination. During stressful financial times, couples fight and marriages get strained. Make a comfortable and hearty relationship with money and find harmony with your money and marriage.

I’ve compiled the best money-saving tips that will help you to cut costs at grocery store, home and more! Follow these simple tips and make Money-Saving your habit.


Cook, often at home

It seems a bit difficult when both- ‘wife and husband’ work. Eating out is a common habit of working couple. Reduce frequency of eating out and make a habit of cooking at home itself. Save on food money.

Avoid buying designer labels

When expenses are vast and income is limited, it is utter foolishness to look for designer or brand labels in products. In this case, you should stick to unbranded, less-costly products that can fulfill your need and deliver satisfactory quality as well.

Carry your own lunch to work

You can save pretty much by bringing home-prepared lunch to work, despite heading out to corporate cafeteria or eatery.

Shop the ‘SALE’ rack

No….no, do not confuse it with impulse purchase. It is to buy desired products at comparatively lesser cost. Once you are done with your shopping list, the next important thing is to check or look for sale rack. Possibly, you may find on sale what you are exactly looking for; thus paying less for the same item.

Pay off debts at the earliest

In case you are carrying any debt, consolidate it to a lower interest and pay it off as early as possible. Paying interest means throwing your hard earned money away and putting it to no constructive use. Why flow our money to financial institutes and make them rich?

Stay deft-free, gain financial stability!

Make Payments on time, avoid late fees

Be cautious, if you use debit or credit cards. Stay organized regarding your regular bills. Ensure you regularly check your credit bills and make payments on time thus preventing late payment charges.

Sell clutter on e-bay

Your cupboard may be full of items that you don’t need any more. So, why not make money from this unused stuff? Through the on-line auction house, E-bay you can sell your clutter to the buyers of world.  The price that you earn depends on what your cupboard carries.

To use e-bay to sell, you need to buy some items to earn ratings of a respectable buyer before starting sell of items.

Recycle Plastic-Bags

This is good not just for the environment but for your pocket as well. Many retail outlets charge some amount for plastic bags. You probably have many hidden away bags in your closest. Why not get them to stores and re-use? Another way is to use those bags for the garbage in the bathroom or kitchen sink. Why to spend money in buying a pack of kitchen-garbage bags when you already got them?

Change Credit-Card spending habits

Credit cards are great, no doubt! But being irresponsible towards its use is bad and can prove to be fatal. With high monthly fees and interest rates of credit cards, you end up paying more than you expected.

Thumb – Rule for credit cards:

  • Always choose cash unless it is a big budget shopping.
  • Always buy only that item, using a credit card that you can afford.
  • Always pay the credit card balance timely.

Cut down your home – Phone Bills

Many cable companies exist that package your television, telephone and even broad-band internet connection to low-cost dial up services. Look for such cable operators and minimize expenses on phone bills.

Prevent Impulse Buys

I agree it is very difficult to push our shopping trolley through the aisles of departmental or super-market stores. We always land up having twice than that of we planned to purchase. Stores are designed in a way that can invoke your impulse buying genes.To avoid it-always, always and always make a ‘Shopping List’. Get everything in writing. Make it strictly follow and don’t pick up something that goes against your shopping list. You won’t believe how helpful it is.

Make list, check twice and follow it!

Always choose to go on a grocery -shopping when you are in a hurry, armed with grocery-list. It definitely prevents you to get tempted for things that you don’t need to buy.

Purchase in Bulk

I’ve already shared many shopping -tips with you. Well, another tip that I’m going to share applies mostly on shopping at grocery shops. Purchasing every day item in bulk helps you a lot to manage your monthly/annual budget. Try it and see the noticeable difference that it makes.

Save your change

This little tip is GREAT, may sound bit silly. After coming from store, drop all your loose change into a bottle or jar. This technique of saving changes in some way is like ‘Found Money’. At the end of a month or year, count up and deposit all collected change into your bank saving account. Later, bank interest will turn this change money into a big amount. You may also label the jar, specifying the purpose of saving. It will keep you motivated to make enough money through changes.

Isn’t simple, yet brilliant way?

Go for generic products, if possible

Does it really matter to you, whether milk you consume is the store brand or Oak farms? Does it matter if cereals are made by a store brand or Kellogg’s? No, at least not to me. I agree in certain products, brand matters but not in all. No harm in using generic products if they are saving your money. Find what can work for you and switch, at least for part of your grocery-items to generic brands.

Follow Monthly Budget

Prepare monthly budget to keep track of your actual income and expenditure, and most importantly how much you are able to save. Prepare a budget according to the saving you need for a month. Follow it, by bringing changes in your habit of spending and thus, enjoy saving money.

Save your paycheck

We do go for spending money, if we keep it with us. We think, we won’t but we do spend it, saying it from my personal experience. The best and only way to avoid a paycheck- blowing is to keep your paycheck ‘Out-of-Sight’. You should save some part of paycheck every month or week; 10% is enough to begin, to develop this habit. I know, it doesn’t appear much but this small portion adds up quickly and if invested wisely, it really goes a long way. It is one of the most important of all, though it is quite tough, especially when money is tight.

The More it is, the better it is!

Make Free samples request

Plenty of websites today offer free samples for daily-used items. The big stores, such as Home Depot or Walmart provide you opportunity to get samples of products, ranging from cleaning products to personal hygienic products or pet food. Free samples of products (of even branded) can be accessed directly through manufactures’ website. By this, you get to use products, cutting some cost if not much.

These simple and easy tips save not just hundreds of your rupees every year but offer fun in their own way.

Save Money… Earn Happiness! 🙂