Give your Baby a Sound Nap

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Parenthood is bliss but making a baby sleep is a fatiguing, strenuous experience at times, particularly when you’ve a hard, tough day at work and you’re longing for some sound sleep but your baby doesn’t allow you to have a good sleep. There’s no way for you to get a proper rest unless your baby falls asleep. Parents know better, how hard it is to put babies to sleep.  Even if you make them sleep, they wake up frequently. Then again, you’ve to labor to put them back to their sleep. A good natural sleep is very necessary for babies. It is important for their physical as well as mental development.  If your baby faces difficulty to get a sleep and also wakes up frequently during the sleep, it’s certainly a matter of concern.

Despite waiting for your baby to retire to sleep, it is better to know ways to put them to sleep. Here I share very handy tips with you dear parents to put your kid to sleep quickly, next to no time.

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Baby Sleeping Tips

Soothing Melody

Sing lullabies to calm and sooth the baby. Hold the baby against your chest to give secure and warm feeling to him/her. It encourages babies to sleep. If not lullaby, then turn on some soft, soothing music at low volume. Too high volume will distract the baby from sleeping.

Sleeping Rituals

Try a routine such as massaging the baby with oil/lotion, singing lullaby or feeding the baby. It sends sleeping signals to baby. It might be difficult for the baby to get used to the routine in the beginning but gradually, with the repetition he/she learns it. Make the baby sleep only at one particular place. The place will develop the thought, specifically of sleep.

Sleeping Buttress

Use props such as special blankets or a soft toy make your baby sleep. Props mollify babies and help them to sleep comfortably. Ensure baby sleeps on his/her back comfortably in a crib. Rock the crib when your baby is lying down. It’s again a good way to put it to sleep.

Is It His/Her Diaper?

Babies are definitely not going to sleep on something cold and wet. Your baby will start crying out the moment something makes him feel uncomfortable. Check whether the diaper of baby is wet. If it is, change the diaper quietly.

Relax Your Body

Keep your arms completely relaxed when you hold your baby. If your back, neck or arms are tensed, the baby is likely to feel it and will face a harder time to comfort, relax him/herself.

Comforting Sleeping Ambience

Set the room temperature to a comfortable range. Don’t wrap the baby in tight clothes while he/she is about to fall asleep. Put warm and cozy blanket over the child. It eases him to get a better sleep faster. Also, evaluate whether the baby feels comfortable and soothes in low lit lamp or darkness and accordingly put the room.

Keep Neutral Facial Expressions

By nature, babies are trained to recognize the face of their mother. Therefore, your emotions may trigger his/her emotions as well. So, when you look at baby while he is about to sleep, relax your facial muscles that in turn, will relax him/her and help the baby to sleep faster.

Make your baby more prone to sleep during the night. Make an arrangement for shorter nap during the day by making him/her sleep in a well- lit room. Always, make sure that your baby is well fed so that he/she doesn’t feel hungry and wake up while sleeping at night.