Give Dazzling Look to Your Sweet Home This Festive Season

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Navratri….Diwali….Christmas….A New Year….Festivals are the time to cherish the feelings of togetherness and love. It is the time to buy new attire and gulp on some yummy dishes. In this festival fervour, how can you forget to dress up your home? I know the inflation stops you to open your purse strings. I have some ideas to prettify your dream house in your budget.

1.    Paint


An alluring whitewash adds on the beauty of your house. You may find a lot of colour options. If you are going for the same light colour shades (most people think light shades fetch luminosity), think once again! Nowadays, bold colours complimented with light shades are in trend.

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Hence, this festive season lets switch from light shades to more bold colours and give lively and vibrant look to your home.

2.    Light It Up


The market is flooded with, huge varieties of lamp shades, to spruce up your home. Buy a lampshade according to the space available. Place it in such a manner that it doesn’t turn out to be an obstacle and solve the meaning of the purpose. To add on to the festive spirit, you can purchase coloured and scented candles.

3.    Vibrant Hues


Grandiosity tantamounts with festivity. Markets are cluttered with myriad breathtaking hues. To stir up the festive spirit and embellish your home, bring patchwork bedspreads, brightly tinged table covers, colourful cushions and a bouquet of dried or artificial flowers. You can deck the table with paper napkins tied with beautiful lace. Alternatively, you can use radiant dupattas for decoration

4.    The Floor


To feel warmth under your feet, put rugs and carpets on the floor. Vacuum the old carpets well, if you want to use them again. Moreover, if you want to purchase a new one, get a woollen one (woollen carpets keep the allergies away).

5.    Knick-Knacks


Bring home bells, kandeels, lamps, statues and terracotta plates. Accentuate your coffee table with a potpourri of dried flowers placed in an ethnic bowl. Hang kandeels, bells and beads from your windows and doors and feel the magic they create in your sweet home.

6.    Drape It In Style


Curtains can give a surprising look to an ordinary room. As winters are setting in, choose thick material drapes. To give more traditional and inviting touch to your home, you can purchase silk curtains with Zari brocade. If you do not want to splurge on such curtains, hang silk sarees with wide border.

7.    Adorn with Flowers


This festive season gives natural and tranquil effect to your house with fresh flowers. Floral decoration appears to delight the eyes. Made floral rangoli. Decorate with petals. Floating candles along with flowers make your living room sparkling. You can embellish your ‘pooja room’ with floral curtains. 

8.    Pest Free


Cleanliness is Godliness. Make your home pest free. Drive away little monsters (ants, flies, mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, etc.) with herbal spray.

This festive season go creative with your house and get a lot of praise from your guests.

Wish you vibrant times ahead!!!