And the Girl and her Prince Charming Lived Happily Ever After…..

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There is a lurking in the combined human race in regards to romance and love. Isn’t it? Most of the people hold this notion that once  in life, they would meet the right person, they will be living with happily forever.

People living in this dreamy world, think themselves incomplete without each other,believe in one half of a whole love-dipped stories, and their blindfolded beliefs escort them into the land of contentment ever after.

Inspired by media and Hollywood, this lie is more often perpetuated. Seems like every girl, in her dream is wishing to get rescued by her Prince Charming. On the flip side, the boy, whose cold stone castle is in dire need of a lady’s touch, imagine that neither of them can get a life they are craving for, until they both hook up together.

No matter how old we grow, these television soaps, fairy tales and movies will always continue to make this myth alive. For instance, in 2004, the hit romantic comedy by Peter Segal, “50 first dates” is an example, where Adam Sandler chasing Drew Barrymore, who was an amnesiac, still falls in love and shares tender moments with her, at beautiful places saying, “Whenever I kiss you, it feels like it’s my first kiss”. Woo! Woo! Woo! Isn’t it too romantic?

I literally cringe whenever I see this movie, and think…. Does this actually happen in reality? It’s a slow piousness drink that allows us to germinate our heart, with love.

However, when we meet a person, we hope that may be he/she is the one who will fill the emptiness in our lives; but the dream shatters, when the rapport only lasts to bring out our own disconnectedness. We end up like an emotional fool.  Darling, I can’t live without you.….Baby, I don’t have any identity of my own….And, here comes another  sad end of a pretty love story. Sometimes we feel so confined and trapped that we forget to actually think –Hell! you have snatched my freedom from me. Both the scenarios are however, illusions. The reflection of our own darkness is what we recoil from. May be problems are smaller than we make them to be.

I Think, I have a Solution Indeed

We should never forget who we are and we must not lose our persona for anyone else. Nor we should anytime think of changing anyone for our good. A beautiful, successful relationship is like our own shadow, where we know how to heal our own wounds and it is difficult to seek the problem, but we have to look inside in a deeper way to create a healthy relationship.

So, what’s in your mind?

Do you actually feel what we see in movies or soaps are true?

Is actually our “soul mate” or “our prince charming” waiting to complete the incompleteness in our life?


Can we think our life is complete and blessed without the so-called ‘LOVE’ or ‘Romantic Partner’?