Getting Through The Terrible Two’s!

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If you are the mother of a two year old, you know what I mean by terrible twos. Don’t you? It’s the stage that every toddler comes across… the two year old toddler. Two year old toddlers are the most irritated and annoying, refusing to do everything they are asked for and throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat. It’s usually a shock for the parents to find their lil one behaving so aggressively and they end up being stern and babbling instructions all the time which helps neither them nor the kids.

A child behaviour consultant tells us that the two year old is difficult for a parent to handle but it is equally difficult for those little chatters. They are neither infants nor grown enough. They understand that there are a certain rules they need to follow. Full of enthusiasm, they want to achieve more and more which when they are unable to, they get frustrated. So basically, their wants exceed their abilities and they are irritable. So, I guess the knowledge should help you to deal a little with the troubled toddler.

There are a certain things which you must keep in mind while dealing with terrible twos:

  • Be patient. There will be times when you both will lose it but remember it’s just a stage and he is a small little being who himself is clueless about his behaviour.
  • Cut down the use of word ‘no’. Try more persuasive techniques or just shift their attention towards something else.
  • Distract them by talking to them or showing them something they are interested in, when in a tantrum inducing situation happens, like in a waiting line at the restaurant.
  • Ignore their ill behaviour for a while. Don’t force them into something, they are not willing to. So no more forceful hugging and kissing visiting aunts.
  • Don’t shout at them. They’ll instantly copy what you do and you sure don’t want a yelling toddler.
  • Be cooperative and appreciate them so that their confidence is built and they feel your warmth and love.