Get Naughty with a Secret Party

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Just think our elders must be thinking once of going back in the past and change their teenager’s memories…Right? But why to generate the same situation, when we get old. So let me help you to live your dream. Why not doing a house party when parents are out? Good Idea…Yeaa…! Read on to see the dos and don’ts and make the secret party happening with no casualty.

  • Most important tip, always tell your friends to park their cars far from your house. So that if cops bust at least it’s safer to run from there.
  • Shut down the windows and gates all the time so that your neighbours or cops can’t peak in and see the crazy party.
  • Make sure you keep all the valuable things in the locker safely.
  • Click lots of pictures all the time. If anything goes wrong, it will help in solving the mystery. Trust me….It will work.
  • I know you will be in full power mood, but slow down the music. If cops get to know, just think, you will be a dead meat.
  • If you want to throw a manageable party then say no to Alcohol. In case, there is alcohol then make sure drinking will not go out of hand because if something goes wrong, you and your innocent parents will be liable for all the mess.
  • When the party is over, take help of your friends ,and trash the mess far from your place ,and clean up the house carefully.

If you want to be the coolest out of all, then you can go ahead throw a secret yet successful party only taking these tips seriously and have fun when parents are out. 🙂