Get elected, Stay elected

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Surely, it aids you to get your feet in the door if you belong to a political- family but what beyond it? After this, it’s entirely up to your capability and performance. If you’re not up to the mark, no voter or party will re-elect you. So, it’s important for you to have a clear understanding of what exactly it takes to have a successful career in the politics.

Here I take you to simple guidelines that would certainly help you to advance in your political career.

  1. First Make, then Break PromisesYes, I accept our society puckers its brow to what we call” lying”.  Society condemns liars. But in politics, it is different; lying is not actually lying. It is more like using a different perspective to tell the truth. Besides, you’ll not be sued for breaking election promises.
    Someone has rightly quoted, “Politics have no relation with morals”
  2. Don’t Innovate: Coming up with a new, original thought can take life of your political career. Nothing is faster killing than this. So, never innovate. Continue playing with the same old ideas. However, if a new idea crosses your mind, deploy it as a ‘testing balloon’. If the public responds negatively, hold the media responsible.
  3. Steal: If the opposition party comes with a good scheme, idea: steal it! Maintain and behave as if you are the creator of that great idea. This works perfectly even with the idea that you opposed once fervently.
  4. Build Friendships: To win the office successfully in politics, it takes to seek out friends and allies. Though, friendships are momentary in politics but are very important. To win a few votes if you’ve to ditch your most faithful supporter, do it!
  5. Political Debate: Never put intellectual content or logical reasoning when you try to win votes. Remember, politics is not a debate. For your sophisticated arguments, you won’t get points in the politics. What works in political society is the ability to manipulate voters with raw emotions: envy, fear, hate. If you can’t speak out something positive, constructive about your platform, I advise you to concentrate on smudging your opposition party.
  6. ‘Pork-Barrel’ Politics:  Whenever you plan to assign tax money to pay off a business lobby or particular interest group, never-ever label it ‘SUBSIDY’. Instead, refer it as an ‘investment in the interest of the public’.
  7. Take Credit and Blame: Take credit if something great happens due to the implementation of opposition’s policies. On the other hand, if things go wrong because of implementation of your policies, blame the previous policies of the opposition.

So, here I finish.
These points are definitely helpful to ‘Get elected, Stay elected’.