Get Drenched in Aqua!

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We get you expert advice to help you fight wet weather issues with few Aqua inspired look.

To rejuvenate makeup and wet hair are all in this season. And here we are sharing this sexy yet blistering look this time.

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art with your hair, simple and fuss free tips to loosen it up. The mantra here is to squeeze on some anti-serum to smoothen your hair. Apply a quick fix gel and pull your hair back to see the wet look and finally draw your hair into a bun for a neat yet sexy look. Girls trust me! the wet hair look will make you look extra stunning n sensuous.

  • Now for your make up, we start with dehydration and moisturising the skin. After doing the same, your skin will feel clean and smooth from inside. And because of the cleanliness, your make up will last long and you can flaunt your beauty in a more elegant and hassle free way.

  • After the use of dehydrating your skin, use a foundation to make it even and add on the brilliant powder foundation for that sexy matte look.
  • Ladies, remember to get the perfect Aqua day look, keep the makeup nude and grab on an Eye curler to make your eyes look deep and seductive.
  • Also don’t forget to apply metallic aqua eye shadow and add mascara for extra oomph!
  • Get a natural pink flush on your cheeks and complete the look with a beautiful nude shimmery gloss .For best effect, apply along the contours of your lips and gradually let the shape sink in.

There, you have it beautiful shimmery look inspired by purity and freshness of water.