Get a Flawless Look with Tinted Moisturizers


I know that since your childhood, you all have been observing your mothers applying foundations on their skin, be it a party or even if, she has to go to her workplace. Most of you have followed the same trend. But, you do not feel comfortable in foundation, especially, during the day as first of all, it looks over the top and secondly, it is too thick too be applied during the day. With the growing pace of globalization in our country, many foreign brands have hit the markets and brought along some amazing skin products with them be it lotions, moisturizers or makeup products.

While going to workplace, all women need something to boost up their look to look flawless at their respective workplaces. One such product that has been proved to be boon is a tinted moisturizer. As the name suggests, it is a moisturizer with a tint of color in it. Tinted moisturizers are much lighter than foundations and give your face a good coverage. Tinted moisturizers or TM leave your skin natural, glowing and dewy.

How to apply?


You just need to clean your hands, take out the desired amount of TM in your hands, spread it onto your entire face and blend it smoothly. It will leave your skin feeling refresh and glowing. If you are dewy look aficionado, then, you need not to subtle it down with a compact. For those, who are a fan of matte look, may apply a little bit of dry powders.

Is TM suitable for your skin?


Generally, tinted moisturizers work on skins of all type. However, people with very poor or dark complexion might find it difficult to even out their complexion as it forms a very thin layer over your skin, and such dark skin can be evened out only with the help of a foundation. While choosing a tinted moisturizer, you should always choose a shade that is in proximity with your skin tone. Generally, tinted moisturizers come in a variety of tones that covers around 4-6 skin tones.

What other benefit TM provide to your skin?


Besides leaving a dewy glow and fuss free look on your face, TM also provide sun protection to your face as most of the tinted moisturizers in the market come with a SPF 15 or more.