Gemini: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(May 21- June 21)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

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Love life would be more stable than the past years. However, in the starting of the year, there may be some fickle situations in your relationship. But as the year proceeds, it will get stabilized. Understanding between married couples would increase. Emerging relationships will get developed and strengthened. Avoid ruthlessly criticising your spouse. Love at first sight may work out for the singles.


Your professional life would remain peaceful. You will be able to beat your competitors. This year may bring monetary rewards for your endeavours. Be cautious about your investments. You will get support from your peers and superiors at your work place. Overall, this year is good from a financial front.


Minor health issues can’t be ruled out for Gemini people. You might be vulnerable to obesity, fatigue and mental nervousness. Follow a hale and hearty lifestyle to get rid of these health problems. Take a balanced diet and maintain your exercise schedules.

Domestic and Home Life

It’s a good time to host auspicious function at your home. The influx of visitors at your home will increase. Your near ones would be caring and supportive to you. Avoid doing anything that provokes the anger of the elders. New contacts will add to your social circle.

Lucky Number– 15
Lucky Months– June and August
Lucky Colour– Green

Month wise Horoscope 2013


Don’t try to run away from your social responsibilities. Channelize your energies in some creative work. Job changes are predicted. You might have to bear some unexpected expenses. Do meditation and yoga for staying healthy.
Lucky Colour– Purple
Lucky Number– 3


It’s a favourable time for Gemini people, engaged in business. You can plan a picnic or a short trip with your friends. A positive outlook on your part will make a home environment happy. Career is bright, this month. You would enjoy increment in your pay. Bring changes in your lifestyle to remain fit.
Lucky Colour– Rose
Lucky Number– 3


You are likely to receive compliments from all directions. You might face changes in the working conditions. Your friends will help you to come out of the problems. Students are advised not to find short-cuts to success. Pay attention to your health.
Lucky Colour– Light Yellow
Lucky Number– 1


Take up that many responsibilities, you can tackle easily. There may be conflicts between married couples. From financial prospects, this month doesn’t seem to be good. Students must do hard work for success in the competition. Don’t take health for granted.
Lucky Colour– Orange
Lucky Number– 11


You are likely to get back your money from the borrower. Possibilities of gains are bright this month. Workload is going to increase at office. Evade misunderstandings and verbal duels with your spouse. Job-seekers would get favourable results. Your health will remain in the pink.
Lucky Colour– Peach
Lucky Number– 6


Initiatives taken on your part will fetch benefits in the long run. Resolve property issues; otherwise it would turn a great headache for you. Understanding between the married couples may enhance. Health will remain satisfactory.
Lucky Colour– Electric Grey
Lucky Number– 8


It’s a good time to begin renovation or construction work. Your love life would improve considerably. The period after 15th July would be very beneficial for you. Don’t try to contradict with your seniors. You may face heartburn or allergic reactions.
Lucky Colour– Metallic Blue
Lucky Number– 8


Students could face difficulties in seeking admission into the prestigious institute. In the second half of the month, you may face some minor health issues. Have an optimistic outlook to get success in your career. Keep the promise you made with your lover.
Lucky Colour– Aqua Green
Lucky Number– 5


Someone from your social group is going to give you good news that would make your mood cheerful. Some challenges at your work are coming your way, so be prepared to face them. You may plan an outing with your family. Singles may have chances for love affairs, so keep your fingers crossed! Improvements in health condition would take place.
Lucky Colour– Sea Green
Lucky Number– 6


Your family is likely to solemnise a marriage. Financially, this month is good for you. Students are advised not to underestimate the competitors. Excellent interaction skills will boost your career. No health issues are predicted.
Lucky Colour– Sea Green
Lucky Number– 6


Your professional reputation would increase. Think twice before acting on a colleague’s advice. You are likely to enjoy peaceful home environment. You may meet with a distant relative. Students may have a competitive edge. Don’t ignore health warnings.
Lucky Colour– Cream
Lucky Number– 7


You may plan a dream vacation with your beloved. Your social status will enhance. Ego might be the reason behind clashes with your spouse, so keep it aside. Job seekers may find a good job. Be cautious towards your health. Restrict yourself from splurging in other’s matters.
Lucky Colour– Lavender
Lucky Number– 22