Gay Guy Friends- Everything About Them!

Though only a few will admit, it’s evident that women love to have gay friends around. And many even flaunt them and are happy to have them. Male gay friends are sassy, fun and having them around is quite a confidence boost for many girls. They doll out excellent advice, flatter you with lovely compliments and provide great advice when you’re in dire need.


For example, you like this guy. And you’re wondering, if you should chase after him or not because you think you’re not good enough for him and he might not even look at you. Now, in this situation, your girl friend will not come to your rescue, the way your gay friend would do. He’s going to do everything to restore your confidence, to make you want to go after your man, saying things that will make you love your own self.


Friendships with them are self assured, humorous and lasting. They fill in the space of girl friends because they gossip with you with much vigor  appreciate fashion and clothing too, don’t bore you playing video games  and will never want you to look bad or ugly unlike a few of your own friends. No matter how much we deny it, we women love drama, plain things are dull and easily bore us. And therefore, gay men are the perfect buddies to hang out with. They are far from boring and know how to nail it our way. You can even play matchmaker for each other, eyeing men at the bar or sports club, having fun suggesting the perfect partner for each other. Also, your love and appreciation for each other is purely platonic  After all, the two of you aren’t interested in each other in “the other way” and so, it’s a happy comfortable union.


These men can be encouraging, supportive and play your agony aunt with extreme ease. You can go for brunch dates and shopping sprees with them, without having your motives questioned. They can be the spy on our guy, telling you all the gory details that your boyfriend skips out when enlightening you on his night around town. Also, your gay guy will protect you from unwanted male attention and will play your possessive boyfriend to ward off the cheapsters at the bar. Also, he will be around when your actual boyfriend acts like a jerk, remains busy, forgets birthdays and anniversaries. The baggage of lust can also be subtracted from these loving man, because when they say, ‘you’re hot’, they don’t mean it in the pervert way. And obviously, you two don’t compete for the same men. The bond that Priyanka Chopra shared with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan in the movie ‘Dostana’ is one fine example in this regard.


Also, they have the ‘cool and progressive’ quotient. Even if we talk about a liberated society, people shy away from accepting gays as normal individuals. So, they are almost a ‘trophy friend’. Because when you walk into a room with him, people will take notice and slowly change.


So just like every relationship, this bond shouldn’t be forced. It has to flow without effort. Hope, you’ll soon embark on a happy association with these chilled out buddies.