Furniture Frenzy!

Girls, we conducted a lot of research and concluded that what’s currently trending in the “home and decor” section is furniture that provides a break from our routine sofas and wooden furnishings. To add that extra bit of fun and excitement to your living space, it’s essential you indulge in a bit of color that will not only perk up your area but might even lift your mood on those dull days. If you aren’t in the mood to shell out a lot of money in buying new furniture, go in for new upholstery for your sofa/couch or paint the table and chair in a bright happy color.

We bright to you a few cool ideas on how to do your room and give it the much needed life it had so been craving for!

For The Couch


One of the most important furniture items in the room is the couch. Since it takes a considerable amount of space, and immediately grabs attention, we advise you to not take this piece too lightly. On a closer study, we were surprised to see the choices available and the ideas that one can make use of when it came to giving a makeover to your couch.



The good old supporting chairs might get cross with you if you focus all the pampering on the big couch. So here are a few great tips.


drawer -frenzy

Ah! Now these ones are sure to currently be painted in the shades of brown. And they secretly want to look good too. So what are you waiting for? Get started.

One Word Of Caution

Don’t go overboard with the colors  Keep one-two statement pieces at your place, and allow the rest of the area to remain understated yet classy. A lot of mixing will make the space look too stuffed and crammed.